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Kpop post: The best 25 songs of 2019

(According to the OP)
Only title tracks, one track per group (counting subunits and solo releases)

25. Blackpink- Kill this Love
Way better than Ddu-Du-ddu-du, the part that makes the song for me is the last part, and although it is not a great song, its a bop.

24. Ladies' Code- Feedback
I love LC, they always deliver top notch music, after a hiatus it was nice to see them back, even though they are still pretty underrated. Feedback was a feel good bop, all of them looked great, and they were serving vocals and choreography. (Ashley's "feedback feedback feedback" with that booty drop! iconic)

23. KARD- Bomb Bomb
KARD came trough with i think its their best title track yet, not only did all of the members looked amazing in the MV, the beat was pretty damn good (a good song for your gym playlist) although BM's english rap is a bit cringe, he serving sexiness in the mv makes you forget about the lyrics "dripping like faucet"

22.(G)-IDLE- Senorita
I might get a bit of hate for this one, but i prefer Señorita over Lion. The Final Destination video is pretty cool and i love anything with a Spanish flare. Their participation on Queendom shine another light on them (specially on leader Soyeon and her love for "ethnic" stuff) and made them a little more "yikes" in my eyes, this song still snaps.

21.CIX- Movie Star
I don't know where this boy group came from, don't know the members, and if you keep with my kpop posts you know that I'm a fan of girl groups and I'm always rooting for the nugu groups. CIX came out of the blue with Movie Star, a mature sexy concept and a good beat its all it took for this song to earn a spot on this years list.

20.Cherry Bullet- Q&A
"Playboyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" its the best part of the song, a great solid debut for sure. Too bad no one knows what's their current status

19. Iz*one- Violeta
Violeta is full of stuff i like, the mv is full of beautiful visuals, the chorus is amazing, the rap!!!!, the choreography and although Highlight is my favorite song out of the mini album, Violeta is definitely a banger. Too bad they are currently involved in a scandal, hopefully they can release Fiesta soon.

18. Momoland- Thumbs up
Just released today Momoland proves that the saying "Why fix it, if it ain't broken" applies perfectly to them. Although the song is a bit similar to their previous releases, Thumbs Up proves that they are the queens of fun, quirky music. Hopefully they'll go viral again, and snatch more wins with their new comeback song.

17.AOA- Come See Me
It definitely took a few listens for me to get into it, but at the end AOA always deliver. IMO they were robbed in Queendom, but I'm glad being on the show put the spotlight back on them, they are talented and extremely unappreciated.

16.Nature- Im so pretty
I could've gone with their new release Oopsie My Bad (which is a banger!), but I'm So Pretty takes the spot for having a great bridge. The whole song is something we heard before, but when the bridge hits, it flips on its head, and gives us one of the best bridges on kpop history. The part of the MV when they have fox tails is a bit weird, but the MV is pretty fun to look at.

15.WJSN- La La Love
I wanted to go with Boogie Up on this one, since it was a cute summer track, but at the end of the day La La Love is a better track. My girls always delivering choreography and glitz.

14.GWSN- Pinky Star (Run)
A great follow up from their debut song Puzzle Moon, musically similar but completely different. I'm obsessed with Anne

13. Red Velvet- Psycho
Trying to forget the Reve Festival, on their last installment Red Velvet gave us a velvet track (thank god). Psycho sounds a bit like OneRepublic's Secrets and Kehlani's FWU, but in its own way. The girls look stunning, and after the bad taste that the previous two songs from the festival left in my mouth, Psycho was a nice surprise (it did take me a while to get into it, but now i love it)

12.AB6IX- Breathe
Daehwi proved that he was prob one of the most underrated members in WannaOne. When he joined his own group not only did the wrote the lyrics, but also composed the music for their title track. The chorus is pure pop perfection, and the choreography is pretty damn fun. Definitely my favorite boy group debut this year.

12. EVERGLOW- Bon Bon Chocolat
Probably one of my favorite debuts this year, the styling is amazing, the track is great (although a lot of people might disagree). Sad they couldn't make it to Kcon, but excited to see what they have in store. Also, that bridge!!!

11. Somi-Birthday
Hear me out! I couldn't stand Somi's voice on IOI, but i do think this song fits her voice well. The song is age appropriate, is fun, and it puts me in a good mood. (Outta My Head is the superior song, but it's not the title track) Kudos for Sunmi for making me a stan! Oops you're not invited

10. Weki Meki- Picky Picky
My girls really came out with one of the catchiest songs this year. The chorus is contagious and the "Like it, don't like it, love it, don't want it, weki, meki, I'm so picky" is prob one of my favorite lyrics this year. Also Doyeon looks amazing with red hair!

9. BTS- Boy with Luv ft Halsey
I know the comment section is going to be divided by this one. Although i enjoy some BTS here and there, I'm no Army, but there's no denying that Boy With Luv is a damn good song. The hooks, the chorus, Suga's rap, the pastels... everything was top notch. Do i think Halsey was needed on the track? Absolutely not.

8. ITZY-Dalla Dalla
The best debut of 2019, JYP proves that they know how to create girl bands. The girls came out with a cute yet girl crush concept, nothing like their sisters Twice had done before. The MV is pure eye candy, and I'm very pleased to know that the girls can deliver in live performances as well.

7. TXT- Run Away
I never really followed TXT, cause i thought they were going to be a bit like NCT Dream, and boy bubblegum pop is not for me. When i heard Run Away, i was pleasantly surprised. The kids are extremely talented and they got moves, also i love Adidas.

Never been a stan (idk if they're still messy), but i always found Solar to be quite pretty. I did enjoy Hwasa's Twit, and i thought they were not good on Queendom (at least not to win! justice for AOA and Oh my Girl), but HIP goes hard. The song is sooo sooo good. It just hits you on the face, its fun, its quick, its everything i like on a pop song. Kudos to them, that whispery hook is everything.

5. DIA- WooWa
Want to be feeling like a bad b*tch while walking down the street? walking in to class? strutting down the store? doing chores around the house? Then this song is for you, and for the gays! Truly a banger! After DIA stole Tinashe's aesthetic on their previous release, they came back with a sizzling new look, and a monster of a club song. Amazing

4. LOONA- Butterfly
I am a hardcore Loona stan, Eclipse made me see the light. I enjoyed Hi High a lot, but Butterfly is a more refined an mature sound. The girls all bring their charms to deliver one of the most impressive choreographies in kpop history. If you are familiar with LOONA you know the social media presence they have thanks to all the Orbits. The Butterfly video highlights an arrange of beautiful and diverse girls, as diverse as their fandom. Although they teased a comeback this year with Burn, fans are still waiting for any news about new music. Stan Loona!

3. GOT7- You Calling My Name
The flight log era was a huge disappointment (at least for the op) after i was a hardcore GOT7 fan, so i stopped following. Then they came back with Look, that peaked my interest again, but You Calling My Name made me a fan again. The song is sleek and sexy, the choreography is a dream, and Jackson looks fine as hell. Not a lot of nasally notes from JB, and although Mark delivers some corny lines in the middle of the track, the song continues solid till the end. Definitely one of GOT7's best title tracks.

2. CLC-No
The Soyeon produced track, has a killer beat, killer feel me good lyrics, and a killer hook as well. No gave CLC their first win, proving that with the right tools CLC can be a massive girl group. They have the visuals, the talent and the dance moves, but we need people to buy their product! Their minis are also filled with good songs, no filler stuff like other groups. Hopefully Korea stops sleeping on talent.

1.Just like last year, this year brings us a tie!

Apink- Eung Eung
I hope Apink tears clear of the cute concepts now that they reached a more sophisticated and mature sound. Eung Eung really is one of the best kpop songs ever. Musically interesting, Eung Eung proves that older groups can still keep it fresh without having to opt for the musical trends that flood the market (drops as choruses). All the members look amazing but Naeun's visuals are in another level, what a goddess! Last year they gave us Im So Sick which was one of the best songs of 2018, this year they gave us Eung Eung, hopefully on 2020 they keep the trend and deliver another bop.

Twice- Fancy
It was really hard for me to choose between Fancy and Feel Special cause both songs are freaking amazing, but Fancy was the winner. I believe this is the first time Twice opted for a more mature look, and sound and it paid off. I wish the song had less childish lyrics, but i understand who their demographic is, besides that, the song really is pure pop perfection. The MV is a neon trip, which i love, and the "Fancy woo" parts are iconic. Sadly this was the era that gave Mina her health problems (since she's one of my biases) but I'm glad that Fancy was so well received. No doubt, Fancy cemented Twice as the most powerful 3rd generation girl group. Hopefully they stick with this sound and style, and keep making amazing music.

Im sorry if i left your faves out of the list!
Also sorry for my crappy childish writing
What were your favorite Kpop songs of 2019?

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