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Romancelandia is Burning 2019

Romancelandia has been burning since December 23rd when Romance Writers of America or RWA, an organization created by a black woman, decided that they support racist white ladies over their writers of color. This is a mess and I will try my best to summarize what happened. Still, this is a bit long lol.

For context:

  • Back in August 2019, NWL Suzan Tisdale announces that her publishing company Glenfinnan has hired Sue Grimshaw, a former Borders (rip) book buyer who shelved the romance novels of African American authors--and also novels with African American characters--in the African American section instead of the Romance section.

  • To make matters more predictable, Grimshaw's twitter likes featured many MAGA friendly accounts. Here are some screenshots.

  • Predictibly, people did not want Sue Grimshaw in any position of power because she's a racist.

  • Tisdale decides to do a 12 minute video where she states that 'Sue is no more a racist or a bigot than I am' and 'She's a lot like me. We have conservative fiscal values but liberal social values.' She doubles down saying she won't get rid of Grimshaw.

  • Courtney Milan, a Chinese-American romance author with a big social media following created a thread explaining why people have every right to feel wary of Grimshaw:

MoreCollapse )

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Mods: removed banned source and placed the rest of the post under a cut! Also fixed the broken images.

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