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Rise of Skywalker: Much More Scenes with Rose Were Cut

If you saw the latest Star Wars film, you notice that our main trio finally got to, y'know, interact with each other and act like a trio.

Sans Rose Tico. Kelly Marie Tran, her actress, hinted before that she and Rey were actually going to have scenes together -

"I wish I could tell you more but I’m really excited for people to see [Rose and Rey] interact. They both have the some objective which is to fight for the things you believe in and the people you love"


In the film, their interaction is non-existent at best. They maybe share a frame.

Fans have already expressed anger at how slighted she was in the film, and knowing there was more left on the cutting room floor prompted the hashtag #RoseTicoDeservesBetter on Twitter.

Also, hey, remember this, from Celebration in April?


Spoilers under cuts.

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