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If Sanjaya wins...

"Abby from West Virginia:
If Sanjaya wins, the people in his homeland of India will collectively consume juicy, 100% beef hamburgers. Rating: A+

Lynde from Montana:
If Sanjaya wins, I will legally change my children’s names to Sanjaya and Malakar. Rating: B. Calling child protective services.

Jen from Denver, Colorado:
If Sanjaya wins, Jews will form the new and improved Nazi Party. Rating: A+++.
New favorite.

Alex from Buffalo, New York:
If Sanjaya wins, I will tear my ears off and feed them to my cat. When she craps them out, I will burn her poop. I will then piss on the ashes. I will proceed to scoop up the ashes and throw them in my garbage disposal. Only then will I know that I can never hear him singing again. Just to be safe, I'll perform brain surgery on myself to make sure I'm deaf forever. Rating: B+."

Send yours in and post them here, guys!

source: for more of the lulz.
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