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Tinashe talks to The Face, announces 'Songs for You' vinyl and other merch

Tinashe sat down with The Face's Steven J. Horowitz to discuss "major-label limbo and staying true to her creative spirit" in making her first independently released album, Songs for You. The interview is accompanied by new photos by Pat Martin.

• During her time as an artist at RCA, Tinashe became creatively distracted by a desire for chart success: "I was chasing whatever a hit may be and trying to sell these genres or box myself in sonically, which I never felt fit who I was. With [Songs for You] it was important I get back to creating something that was important for me."

• She first read Azealia Banks' Instagram comment accusing her of copying FKA twigs while playing a Thanksgiving game of Taboo with her family, and was surprised by it but not very bothered. "I think it's super easy to compare [twigs and me] because we kind of look similar," she says. ​"If she was of a different ethnicity or if I was, I don't think we'd be getting the same comparisons. Because obviously, our artistry is vastly different."

• No longer under the pressure of being signed to a major label, she isn't itching to record a followup to the album right away and is excited that there will be no pushback regarding what direction it eventually takes: "I really want this project to represent a shift in where I was going as an artist. I feel like this is me really coming into my own, and I want to see it to continue to move in this direction and the momentum of the love that I'm receiving from my fans. My creativity, I'd like to remain inspired."

She also announced the release of a special line of Songs for You merch for the holidays, including a white vinyl edition of the album, hats, and shirts:

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