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David and Victoria Beckham Children Baptized

Cruz and Harper Beckham were baptized this weekend

. Cruz (14) and Harper (8) were baptized on the same day

. The whole Beckham family dressed to the nines

. Godparents were also in attendance Marc Anthony, David Gardner, Eva Longoria, and Ken Paves

. Slow news day

More Beckham Photos

L-R Back: Romeo, Brooklyn, David, Cruz, Mark, David G
L-R Front: Ken, Harper, Eva, Victoria

More Godparent Photos

. Eva Longoria and Ken Paves are godparents to Harper. They used the same repost photo from Victoria Beckham.

. Ken Paves is hairdresser to the stars and longtime bestie with Victoria

. Marc Anthony and David Gardner are godparents to Cruz

. David Gardner is a sports agent and entertainment manager. His longtime love is Liv Tyler, they have two children (son and daughter).

Bonus Harper Wishes You Merry Christmas in Sign Language

Ontd is Harper the cutest? For those that it applies, are you baptized? Do you have godparents?

Sources David Beckham and Victoria Beckham and David Gardner and Mark Anthony
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