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The Morning Show boss discusses (really bad) finale

The Morning Show wrapped its first season on Friday and whew what a mess.

Showrunner Kerry Ehrin talked to THR about it all:

-- The finale sees Chip get fired, Hannah overdose and die after describing what Mitch and Fred did to her to Bradley, and Bradley and Alex admitting to the country live on air all about the corruption and harrassment that has gone on at the network.

-- Ehrin describes Mitch as "kind of" a monster, but definitely a shitty human being.

-- The writers didn't talk to any actual sexual assault victims regarding Hannah's storyline and only did "research." They killed her off so that the rest of the characters could feel the loss. Also mentioned she did drugs at work cause anxiety~ and that her death was left open to whether it was accidental or not because no one ever really knows.

-- They want Steve Carell back for season two but it's still not a done deal yet even though it's currently filming.

-- Season Two is described as escaping from the wreckage of a huge building falling on top of you.


justice for gugu!!!
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