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ONTD Original: The Sketchy Relationship Timeline of Greta Geriwg and Noah Baumbach

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Noach Baumbach, the director of Marriage Story, and Greta Gerwig, the director of Little Women, are making the Oscars campaign pr rounds. They have managed to avoid most intense questions about their relationship, which *allegedly* began immediately after Baumbach's wife, Jennifer Jason Leigh, gave birth to their baby.

2001: Noah Baumnbach, then 32, and Jennifer Jason Leigh, then 39, begin dating after a mutual friend introduces them.

2005: Baumbach directs Margot at the Wedding, which stars Leigh, who is his muse.

Early 2010: Baumbach, 41, directs Greenberg, about a carpenter who hooks up with a much younger a personal assistant, played by Greta Gerwig, who was then 26. Leigh, 48, shared a writing credit with Baumbach on the film.

March 2010: Greenberg is released. Leigh gives birth to their son.

November 2010: Leigh files for divorce. Their son is 8 months old. Gerwig becomes Baumbach's new partner, muse, and collaborator.

April 2013: Baumbach directs and co-writes Frances Ha with Gerwig. The film is about a free-spirited, quirky 27-year-old woman in New York City. They do a joint interview in which they insist that their relationship began after his marriage ended.

September 2013: Baumbach and Leigh finalize their divorce.

November 2019: Baumbach, 50, directs Marriage Story, which is about the divorce of a director who has an affair with a younger personal assistant. His actress/collaborator wife, played by Scarlett Johansson, is depicted as a selfish careerist who wants to take their child from him.

That brings us to the present, November-December 2019: Baumbach and Gerwig do several promotional interviews together, declining to talk about the relationship and instead changing the subject.


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