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Stephanie Soo accuses Nikocado Avocado of manipulation and bullying

- Stephanie and Nik are both Mukbang-ers on Youtube. They've had minor drama in the past related to shookbang but have since move passed it. Stephanie also had some drama with another mukbang Youtuber named Veronica Wang
- He came out to LA with Zach Choi and Stephanie went out to dinner with them. She says this first night was completely normal, and they opened up to each other about some personal information such as past drama and her experience with sexual assault. It happened in her home and because of this she has a security system. Nik texts her more questions about what kind of security system she has.
- The next day they filmed 2 collab videos for each of their channels. Off camera Nik keeps pushing for Stephanie to talk about Veronica in his video ~to spill tea~. Stephanie says she doesn't want to. On camera, Nik brings it up anyway multiple times and gets agitated when Stephanie doesn't talk about it.
- Stephanie felt uncomfortable but wasn't sure how to get out of the situation because she had told Nik personal information and knows his tendency to use it against people and she wanted to be professional and finish the videos.
- Stephanie began to have extreme anxiety about the situation because she felt so uncomfortable around Nik and was beginning to question her own words, wondering if she did give Nik permission to talk about it. She includes footage of her in her home crying and tossing and turning all night. She sends a text to Nik and Zach saying she doesn't want to film the 3rd video.
- She includes screen shots of them texting. She apologizes multiple times for cancelling and if she miscommunicated her boundaries. Nik reaches out to her in private message and calls her. While this was happening he was posting on instagram and snapchat 'I have some tea, I want to make an expose video on inconsiderate people'. He also began to make a meme out of her text to him that he joked about with other mukbang friends.
- Stephanie checks her security cameras from when Nik visited for a couple hours to film and there was only one time he was alone, when she went to the bathroom. During that time he took pictures of her house and was looking up at the room like he was looking at the security cameras. He never asked or told her he did this.
- Discusses a deleted video of Nik minimizing sexual assault and saying things like 'the little Me Too movement'.

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