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The View: Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser, Darlene Love, Jason Derulo, Christmas Theme Hot Topics

Full panel
All segments seem pre-taped because there’s no talk about yesterday’s current affairs or the Debate last night

They’re all dressed with festive headgear except Meghan

Helen Hunt & Paul Reiser

Helen Hunt & Paul Reiser are promoting the reboot of Mad About You on Spectrum

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Paul and Jamie Buckman are back! Helen looks the same. Paul looks larger. Joy asks if they do Christmas. PR talks about the show. HH says she thinks they’re talking about irl (lol), they’re not actually married. She’s going to Star Wars. Abby mentions inclusivity, now HH is a director. Shows photo of other directors, lots of poc and women. HH talks about showrunners, and didn’t want to be on another set with mostly one demographic. You have to keep hiring different kinds of people. They’re not just women or poc, they’re great directors. Joy asks about GG ignoring women and poc directors. HH talks about her experience, and the different between men and women. Joy says tv has been around since mid 1940s and still here we are. Sunny describes the show, his comedy bit. Sunny knows him from MAY, but her son knows him from Stranger Things. He was nominated for SAG for The Kominsky Method. Says his worth is dependent on the demographic, mostly older.

Joy mentions the other cast of MAY is also back. HH talks about the actress they cast for their daughter. PR says the weirdest thing (rebooting) is that it wasn’t weird, felt so familiar. Abby loves the chemistry, it feels real. PR says he and HH stayed in touch. It was America’s idea to bring back the show. Talked about the premise of the new version, picking up after their daughter is grown and leaves, so they’re alone again.

Hot Topic Re-gifting, Plus That Cruise Cake

[They cut this from the show clip]

2:10 mark at this user video

Whoopi starts off with re-gifting but Meghan says Whoopi’s antlers are cool. Joy has Whoopi explain where they came from. Whoopi says Tom Cruise sent that infamous coconut cake (it’s from Joans, in the Valley), and the antlers were the decoration on the box. The panel then talks about getting his cake every year, he sends it to the show, while Meghan is baffled and didn’t know (loool they didn’t tell her).

Anyway, researchers say you shouldn’t feel guilty about regifting because the original gifter won’t care. Joy says it’s like recycling, helping the planet. It keeps going around and never becomes garbage. Abby says she’s been re-gifted, it was a handmedown because their were stains on the outfit (😲). May as well give it to someone who will get something out of it. Sunny is ok getting regifted things, she does regift, she doesn’t tell. Joy and Whoopi knows someone who shops out of their own closet. Sometimes it still has their monogram on it loool. Joy says the person’s name is Teresa.

Hot Topic Joy Gifts Her Famous Lasagna

WaPo gave a holiday blacklist of gifts to avoid, like mugs and scented candles and wine. What do YOU want this year? Abby wants memories. Joy’s gift to everyone is a LASAGNA! Whoopi wants everyone to shut up about the lasagnas now. Harlem choir sings a bit.

Hot Topic Panel Gifts Under $50

In case you need any last minute ideas!

Hot Topic Darlene Love Sings Christmas Baby

Special guest Jason Derulo

Darlene talks about why she didn’t sing her song at the Tree Lighting (it’s exactly the reason you think), says The View is her new home for her annual song. Also promos her film called Holiday Love on Netflix, where she plays an aunt, tells the plot. Jason is in the dreadful CATS. He says Rebel made him laugh the most, tells a licking story.

The View will be on repeats (or not air) for the rest of the year. Back in January 2020.

Ontd have you finished your Christmas shopping?

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