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The View: Greta Gerwig, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Boris Kodjoe, Impeached!, Hot Topics

Full panel

Greta Gerwig

Greta Gerwig is promoting Little Women

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Abby says GG and her partner Noah Baumbach (Marriage Story) had a special year. GG says they just had a baby. Two movies and a baby = insane but wonderful. Re/holidays, you have to do the things properly so you can prove to them later that you did do all the things. Joy says she’s had great success as a director, re/Lady Bird. Wonders if she’s recognized. GG says she lives near NYU and she has fans approach her and say GG was inspiring (them) to become a director. GG has the fan moment but then makes them promise that they’ll make their movies. Joy asks how they should start. GG talks all the different ways, use your phone, get it on the internet, practice over and over. Joy wishes she had that as a kid because her family was so funny, but she put them in her stand up instead. Joy wonders if GG has fan moments with others. GG talks about Meryl Streep in her movie, fanned out on her. Also got to meet Angela Merkel, got very nervous. Talks about their interaction. Abby zones out, missed her beat. Moves to the film, she’s seen all the versions. Joy asks which sister she is. Abby says maybe Beth, even though she dies, because she’s an honest person. Asked GG why she wanted to re-create Little Women. GG explains her evolution of making this film. Managed to talk to Sony before she made Lady Bird. GG explains other themes she sees in the film.

Sunny loves the cast. GG says Meryl told GG she was going to be in her movie (lol). GG and MS had a conversation about storytelling, MS gave a speech about that era. GG gave that conversation to Amy character (Florence Pugh). Abby zones out again, says Emma is a great character even though she dies. Panel is like, BETH dies. Not Emma. Loool.


Plays clip. Crazy GOP and their shouty white men hyperbole. Joy wants them to name one thing that T45 has in common with Jesus. She’ll wait (sings Jeopardy theme). Whoopi says if you want to make someone look bad, then here’s how you do it. But they’re crazy pants. Joy brings up Pearl Harbor comparison, asks what is wrong with these people. Sunny didn’t like the religious references. GOP has been attacking process, but never attacking facts. Wonders where we go from here, since no one impeached has been removed. Constitutional lawyer Laurence Tribe @tribelaw literally wrote the book. LT says you don’t go to trial, you hold the articles as a forever stain*, because the GOP Senate fix is in. Abby says she would’ve voted against impeachment even though she doesn’t like him. She thinks it will be weaponized. Wants to hear from T45, Rudy Colludy, Pompeo. Whoopi points out that they could’ve testified but won’t. Abby says no one stood up in support of T45.

Hot Topic The Worst Human

During impeachment vote, T45 had a Klan rally in Michigan. No clip. Shows House Rep Debbie Dingell tweet. T45 mocks Debbie and insulted former House Rep John Dingell (her late husband), saying he was looking up from hell. Audible gasps and groans. T45 is an abomination of a human. Meghan says blah blah MyDad™. Joy says it was cruel. Dingell was popular in MI, but T45 goes there and insults someone the whole state loves. It’s like going to NJ and trashing Springsteen. Meghan says blah blah. Whoopi wants someone to stand up and say (more word salad, reverts back to impeachment reasons). Meghan says blah blah.

Click here for more background [Spoiler (click to open)]
Transcript if you don’t want to hear him be an awful person who is often compared to Jesus

Here is the clip

Hot Topic The 1619 Project

Nikole Hannah-Jones (NYT) and Boris Kodjoe (Station 19) promote The 1619 Project

Click here to read more about The 1619 Project

[One clip, write up split to ease your eyes!]

Boris and other celebs (Idris Elba, Anthony Anderson plus 100 others) went to Ghana. BK feels America doesn’t get a proper representation about Africa due to one dimensional media coverage. Wanted to showcase the people, the food, the music, the nightlife. Also visited the historic sites and slave castles. Elaborates on their trip and what they wanted to accomplish. Felt it was a profoundly transformative experience for everyone who went, wanted to make it available to everyone. 400M of African descent living outside the continent. Sunny asks more about the slave castles. BK says he’d been before, with his father who was from Ghana, and he’s taken his wife (Nicole Ari Parker) and kids. Says it’s an emotional experience, that you’re not a descendant of slaves, you’re descendants of enslaved Africans, survivors. Abby feels they’ve done a great job with the project, the entire NYT magazine, America really did begin in 1619. It taught her a lot, had tears. Everyone needs to learn.

NHJ came across the reference in high school. Everyone knows about the Mayflower in 1620, but no one knows about the White Lion which landed in 1619. Slavery is just as foundational to America. Treated as marginal because it doesn’t glorify our history. 400 yr anniversary seemed like a tremendous opportunity. Lists all the things that we don’t have, which can be traced back to slavery, NYT was on board and supportive. Sunny said we didn’t have a democracy until black America made it a democracy. Sunny loved it, and liked her reference that we’re a country founded on both an ideal and on a lie. 1619 was just as important to America as 1776. Whoopi talks about how it affects everything. Feels this isn’t a black or white problem, it’s an American problem. Sunny says she asks all candidates about reparations. Wonders if they think it will happen. BK says first it has to be acknowledged that it happened, and the foundation that it was a systematic mechanism to profit from the slave trade. Makes distinction that maybe you weren’t alive, but you still benefit from the foundation that was laid then, and other people still suffer the effects of slavery.

Democratic Debate tonight @ 8PM eastern, hosted by PBS and Politico
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Candidates: Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders, Steyer, Warren, Yang

Ontd did you know about the White Lion?

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