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Andre 3000 does an interview with Rick Rubin's podcast, talks anxiety and inspirations

Andre 3000 gave a really interesting interview on Rick Rubin's podcast, Broken Record Pod.

- He's really not inspired right now and is struggling with confidence as well as Social Anxiety Disorder and being hypersensitive.

- "I haven't been making much music, man. My focus is not there. My confidence is not there."

- He doesn't like how everything he releases is instantly picked apart, saying 'Any little thing I put out... people nitpick it with a fine-tooth comb. 'Oh, he said that word!' And that's not a great place to create from. And it makes you draw back."

- He's really inspired by instrumental music at the moment and has started playing the bass clarinet: "What makes me feel the best is when I do these random... instrumental kind of things. They make me feel the most rebellious."

- He discusses his creative process in The Dungeon a lot, and his fashion inspirations, ranging from Missy Elliot to Parliament.

The whole interview can be listened to HERE

Source 1

This is a really great interview! Highly encourage you to check it out. They discuss all sorts of things.

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