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The View: Rachel Brosnahan, Luke Kirby, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

The View is full panel
Possibly the panel changed outfits then taped today's segments still using yesterday’s audience

Rachel Brosnahan and Luke Kirby

Rachel Brosnahan and Luke Kirby are promoting The Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Rachel is a natural blonde. Joy says it's a phenomenal show. Luke has a bone to pick with Joy. He’s heard about her lasagna. Joy says she’s not making it for him. Luke made it, based on her video. Left out how long to cook. Joy says she freezes it first. Then defrosts and heats it 30-40 mins @ 350F. Luke asks more lasagna questions. It’s a whole cooking thing. Abby says it won’t matter, he won’t have Joy’s special touch. Abby loves the show but please don’t spoil anything. Talks about their chemistry. RB likes their relationship, doesn’t want to cross that line. Joy talks about Lenny Bruce analogy. LK says they’d have to get married first, and Amazon doesn’t have the budget. Talks more Lenny, the era he was in, versus now, but would he be as funny in current times. LK talks about meeting LB daughter on set. LB had a prismatic mind, which LK thought was a perfect description.

Abby talks criticism of Midge character being a mom. RB talks about some of the unhealthy body image examples, but detractors talk about her being abusive, abandoning, neglecting, so ott. Whoopi tells (audience) relax it’s a tv show not 20/20. RB wonders these are the same criticisms we see today, where women are judged over job vs parenting (but never men). Whoopi says leave Midge alone! Abby and Joy say women have so much self-guilt. Abby mentions LK running NYC marathon, said her husband did that and except for running across the finish line, husband thought it was miserable. LK describes his experience. Didn’t really train.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Pouty McFussypants signed a letter that Naz1 Stephen Miller wrote. It’s a 6 pg single spaced screed, ridiculed by all sane people. Plays clip. Panel mocks that he didn’t write it. Also full of lies and more lies. Abby says google search will always say -impeached-. Sunny said it was bizarre, read it 5x, her fitbit kept showing her raised heartbeat. Felt pity, concern, scared for the country, 25th amendment. Rantings of an unstable human. Joy thinks he’s really frightened because when he loses election, then he can be charged and go to jail. Lists all the crimes he has crimed. Whoopi doesn’t think he understands the real repercussions of his actions. Probably thought he could executive order his innocence. Meghan says blah blah.

Whoopi says Dems will get what they want. It’s not about getting him out of office, it’s following the directions of the Founding Fathers. There are rules to follow, similar to whistleblower, Americans are entitled to question the actions of this man. Congress job is to say if something is wrong. Sunny says it’s supposed to be about oversight. Abby says the letter was (a missed) opportunity to get the upper hand (but he’s crazy, so it failed). Meghan says blah blah. Joy says she feels good about today, in that they’re doing this. They put forward witnesses, but again WH admin refuses. Polls show people want witnesses. Whoopi says witnesses appeared for Nixon and Clinton, the process was followed. In the Senate, will it happen? Who will say…

Hot Topic Yang Gang

Yang Gang is still hanging in there. Analysis of supporters show they’re overwhelmingly young men. Shocker! Joy likes him but doesn’t see him doing much. Whoopi says several have a lot of great ideas. Meghan says blah blah. Abby likes his backstory. His dad grew up in China on a peanut farm where he slept with no floor underneath (eg slept on the ground). Now he’s running for Potus. He’s relatable. Whoopi talks corporate money. Sunny feels like people are trying to make him a thing, but he’s not actually becoming a thing. Talks black vote. Meghan says blah blah. Joy reminds T45 would call up media and spew his lies and they’d put him on the phone, but no one is covering Yang even though he’s polling the same as second tier candidates. Meghan says blah blah. Whoopi says -never say never-, re/Yang. People never thought there would be a black Potus, or at least not before a woman. Joy reminds it’s in line with black men gaining the right to vote before women did. [Because the patriarchy favors any man, all men, before women]

Hot Topic Adam Driver In His Fee Fees

See related post here by zodgory

Driver asked NPR not to show a clip of him, but they did it anyway, so he left. Abby says she doesn’t think he was being rude. He asked them not to, they should have honored his request. Sunny relates to not wanting to be put on the spot watching or listening to your work. Whoopi says she’s made 50 movies, she doesn’t want to watch them. Meghan says blah blah. Whoopi says she thinks not everyone understands. Audience sees the movie, but actor remembers making the movie. It can be uncomfortable to relive making of the scenes, gives examples. Joy says it’s only the mediocre who are always at their best. Those who are top of their game know times when they’re not good enough. Whoopi doesn’t even like seeing the finished product. Tells story that she made a movie, and then watched it, and didn’t feel like that was the movie she made, re/editing.

Hot Topic Robocall Hell

Crazy calls on cell phones and home phones. The Do Not Call thing, what happened. Joy says when they ask for her, after finding her unlisted number, she says Joy doesn’t live here anymore. Whoopi thinks robocalls are out of control, and they spoof a number that looks similar to someone she knows. Abby keeps getting the reset Facebook password email. Meghan says blah blah. Abby got an Apple call, let them in her computer because they’re so good at becoming your friend, then realized the scan partway through. Joy says you really have to monitor what your kids are doing.

Programming note I think this is the last week of live shows this year, back after New Years

Ontd do you answer the phone if it's not someone in your contacts?

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