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Burger King Germany Offers Free Whoppers in Exchange for Being Spoiled for Rise of Skywalker

Do you like free food? Do you like being spoiled? Burger King Germany has been running a promotion where people who are willing to be spoiled/spoil others about the latest Star Wars films will receive free whoppers. In order to get the whopper, one must open the app and read the spoiler out loud in the restaurant. Then they get a coupon after reading it.

Director of marketing Klaus Schmäing said, "We wanted to challenge people's Whopper love and put it to the ultimate test by asking them to choose between their love for our flagship product and their love for the most epic sci-fi movie ever."

As to whether the spoilers they're doling out are real or not: "Whether the spoilers really correspond to [the] truth will ultimately only be revealed once the film is released." The spoilers were taken from German cinema sites and probably reddit.

This promotion is not officially linked with Star Wars since McDonalds holds the account with them.

What would you do for free food?
Discussion post for leaks/spoilers of Rise of Skywalker
Tags: #starwars, food / food industry, leak, spoilers, star wars

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