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The View: Charlize Theron, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Full panel

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is promoting Bombshell

Two more clips and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

Plays clip. She’s sick, doesn’t hug the panel. Got it from her 4 yr old, hope she doesn’t give it to her 7 yr old. Whoopi congrats cast for SAG award. Plays clip from CT instagram. CT was in a bathrobe that partially opened. They joke about her almost flashing people. Whoopi wonders if this GG nomination is different than others. CT talks the cast SAG nomination, so many actors willing to come and give their time and be part of this story. Joy mentions how closely she looks like Megyn Kelly, looks-voice-body language. CT talks preparing for the role. Has a husky voice today (sick) but not normally. In getting the voice right, she stressed her vocal chords so badly that she couldn’t speak for 3 weeks. Joy heard CT had reservations playing this role. CT wasn’t sure if she was the right person at first. At first she looked at it as a producer. Then came to see it wasn’t a MK biopic, MK was only part of a larger story. Joy repeats some remarks MK had made about the film. CT says it’s honest, not sure what it must be like for MK to watch herself.

Sunny says Bombshell is the first of the MeToo movement. Sounds like it’s an origin film, but it’s not like a Marvel film /laughs. Talks background about taking down Roger Ailes. Joy liked Bill O’Reilly being taken down. Abby said it was tough for her, those who worked at Fox. Some women still there, who didn’t get pay outs. What about the women still taking bullets. CT didn’t understand Abby’s rambling non question. Nobody is out for anything, only trying to do what’s right. Elaborates what makes these men so dangerous. Complacency is the worst enemy.

Meghan says blah blah. CT says she’s not a conservative but the first thing that became clear was that sexual harassment is nonpartisan. This wasn’t a news story. They tried to keep the timeline accurate but the story was about the treatment, not MK political views. Talks about things she felt she had in common with MK re/professional ambition. Talks more about how speaking out, it can be weaponized against you (females), but not the same for men.

Hot Topic Fire Meghan

Whoopi addresses yesterdays smackdown. Sadly Meghan hasn’t been fired yet but you can tell throughout the clips for the whole show that today she’s behaving like a poor martyred victim.

Whoopi says this that and the other. Says others will be sitting around the table with your families facing the same thing. Don’t assume they have butcher knives under the table. Sometimes it goes off the rails. Everybody calm down, it’s a tv show. Meghan says blah blah MyDad™. Abby says no other show talks about these types of topics. They do 215 shows a year. Meghan says blah blah. Blamed the media blowing it up, says it wouldn’t have happened with men. The panel talks in circles and says the same things.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

15 House Reps who won in T45 districts during 2018 midterms are officially on board for Yes impeachment. Plays clip. Michigan Rep Slotkin made the decision out of principle. In the clip -you hear men booing, but also applause. Note: T45 districts are being won by Dems because suburban housewives are finally seeing the light and defecting from T45. Joy says on GOP side no one is standing up to T45. Unless they’ve already quit or are leaving. Abby brings up Will Hurd [who seemed like he had a clue, but then went full MAGA during Impeachment hearings]. Joy rattles off more names of Dems in red districts who are voting for impeachment because they’re brave, they’re doing what is right. Abby talks about being a moderate. Abby calls out McConnell and Schiff, saying they’re doing what they need to do to win their seats. Joy disagrees, Schiff is for the Constitution but McConnell is not. Abby says these elected officials should be voting based on the Constitution, not party talking points. Sunny doesn’t like Graham or McConnell saying they’ve already made up their mind. Brings up NYT Op-ed written by four GOP, saying the Republican party has replaced conservatism with empty faith lead by a bogus prophet. Meghan interrupts, wants to know who they were. Sunny continues. [Meghan interrupts repeatedly. Goddd she has got to fucking go]. Sunny says the op-ed calls out that GOP has embraced T45 cruelty and defended or adopted his corruption, she’s hoping some will rise to the occasion.

Abby wonders if Sunny feels people who are against impeachment don’t have a conscience. Sunny says No that wasn’t the point she was making. Joy says Yes. Madison wrote in the Constitution about bribery, it says what it says. If you vote against it, then No you don’t have a conscience. He did it, we have proof. Sunny feels they should vote based on the framework, not party talking points. Abby quotes Hurd again. Good grief. GOP says they need to hear more evidence, but the WH refuses to allow any witnesses or documents. Meghan says blah blah. Claims Republicans who are also Never-Tr/mpers aren’t representative or good resources. Whoopi diverts. Brings up McConnell, when Clinton was on trial, Mitch wanted 3 witnesses. How can he not allow it now. Let them testify and bring them in. Abby wants all the facts, needs more. Oh lord, Meghan has the audacity to ask the ladies why they’re interrupting each other. Sunny and Abby debate the impeachment and what the precedent sets. Joy asks Abby a question, Abby jokes that she feels like she’s being ganged up on. Meghan the child says Welcome to my world. /roll eyes/. Anyway sick of listening to Abby gaslight.

Hot Topic Whoopi Highway of Tears Necklace

Here you can read more about Highway of Tears

Whoopi talks about her necklace. Represents all the indigenous women who went missing on the Highway of Tears. Plus the women who go missing in this country. If you think brown or black girls going missing may be overlooked, it’s much worse for Native American women. Thinks women need to come together, all women, to organize, because none should be missing at all. Abby recommends gifts from which products made by women who overcame challenges and their HQ is almost completely staffed by women.

Hot Topic Let Women Rule

President Obama said that if every nation on earth was ran by a woman, then you’d see a significant improvement on just about anything. Joy says not so much with Margaret Thatcher, but also happy about Finland female leadership. Abby brings up the real MVP Michelle Obama, loves her. Some talk that Obama is empathetic and it’s important more men and leaders can convey that (paraphrasing the back n forth). Joy says putting aside from Clinton /xyz/ he was very empathetic as a person. Whoopi says the same about Carter and Bush41, re/being empathetic.

Programming note I think this is the last week of live shows this year, back after New Years

Ontd do you plan to see Bombshell?

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