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Adam Driver Walks Out of Interview Because He Doesn't Want to Listen/Watch Clips of Himself

He walked out of an NPR interview with Terry Gross of Fresh Air because he did not want to listen to himself singing Sondheim's Being Alive from a clip of Marriage Story. While he was encouraged to just remove his headphones when the clip was played, Driver left during a break when they played the clip.

"We don't really understand why he left. We were looking forward to the interview -- Terry thinks he's a terrific actor, he was a great guest when he was on [the show] in 2015 -- so we were disappointed that we didn't have a new interview to share with our listeners about Marriage Story," said Fresh Air executive producer Danny Miller.

Back in 2015 when he appeared on Fresh Air, Driver joked about why he didn't want to hear himself. "I don't want to hear the bad acting that probably was happening during that clip." And then explained, "I've watched myself or listened to myself before, then always hate it. And then wish I could change it, but you can't. And I think I have, like, a tendency to try to make things better or drive myself and the other people around me crazy with the things I wanted to change or I wish I could change."

In the past, Driver described feeling sick during The Force Awakens and hiding during a screening of BlacKkKlansmen.

ETA because OP can't read: In lieu of the interview, Fresh Air replayed an older interview with Conan O'Brien with this message beforehand. "[We] had promised you an interview with actor Adam Driver today, but unfortunately, we weren't able to do it as planned." Adam Driver didn't cancel on Conan O'Brien.

Can you listen to/watch recordings of yourself?
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