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ONTD Original: 10 of the Biggest Fashion and Beauty Trends of the 2010s

This decade had their hits and their misses in terms of fashion. Some of these we hope will stick around in the next decade, others not so much. Here's a look back at some of the biggest fashion and beauty trends of the 2010s.

While the 2000s saw popularity in Juicy tracksuits, the 2010s brought something different: the rise of "athleisure". Many celebrities were photographed wearing leggings, crop tops and sweatshirts when they went for their jogs, which sparked a rise in designer athletic wear, and Kate Hudson's affordable "Fabletics" line.

Bandage Dresses
bandage dress
Although this may have been left over from the end of the 2000s, bandage dresses were popular in the earlier part of the decade, often seen worn by the Kardashians, and supermodels. They have since gone down in popularity, but perhaps there will be a resurgence at some point?

Thick eyebrows and Instagram makeup
During the 2000s, everyone was tweezing their eyebrows pencil-thin. However, popular models like Cara Delevigne, and actresses like Lucy Hale and Lily Collins helped bring back the thicker eyebrows, which was eventually copied by many Instagram models.

Flower Crowns
flower crowns
When Lana Del Rey wore a flower crown in the beginning of the decade in her one of music videos, this quickly became a festival favorite at places for Coachella queen, Vanessa Hudgens.

Hair feathers
Although this trend did not last very long, Kesha was often sported wearing feathers in her hair on red carpets, making it popular among her fans, and again, festival go-ers.

High-waisted shorts
high waisted
During the 2000s, people could not pull their pants and shorts down low enough. In the 2010s, however, we saw a resurgence in the middle of the decade with a '90s-revival of these high-waisted shorts. They were either worn in a grungy, ripped denim way or in a more glammed-up way with accessories.

Ombre hair
Instead of getting chunky highlights like the previous decade, women were instead choosing to get only the tips of their hair lightened. This popular hair trend has, pun-intended, faded a bit in the past few years, but was seen everywhere around 2010-2016. There were many variations, long to short, darker to lighter, some were more subtle, while some were more drastic. Later, women were opting for the more blended in form of ombre known as "balayage".

Undercuts and half-shaved hair
First popularized by EDM artist Skrillex, many people were shaving half their heads, which definitely made growing it out a very uncomfortable experience. Meanwhile, undercuts, popular among both men and women, seem to be sticking it out much longer.

Rompers and jumpsuits
This difficult-to-go-to-the-bathroom-in ensemble, and always a favorite among toddlers, has seen a rise in popularity over this past decade for adults and toddlers alike.

Skinny jeans
skinny jeans
Katy Perry said it best in her song "Teenage Dream": "put your hands in me in my skin-tight jeans". Skinny jeans came back into fashion during the later years of the 2000s, and have stayed with us since. While the early part of the decade saw the low-waist versions, they were later replaced with the high-waisted ones, just like their shorter counterparts. Although several designers have tried bringing back flared jeans and the like, it seems skinny jeans are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Source: Living the 2010s and Google Images

What were some of your favorite, and least-favorite trends of the past decade? Which trends do you hope will go away? Come back?
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