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Pop culture moments of the decade, an ONTD original. Part II

Following the previous post on the subject, this post is a continuation on defining pop culture events during the 10's

A reality show host becomes the President of the USA

The Apprentice host started his presidency on January 20 of 2017, becoming the 45th President of said country.

Kardashian/Jenner family

Originally the elder sister was Paris Hilton's former closet cleaner, but through a series of strategic campaigns, her and the rest of the family have positioned themselves as fashion and style icons, models, entrepreneurs, lawyers and billionaires.


Popular social network with over 500 million people using it daily, it has been responsible for popularizing many fashion and lifestyle trends.

Disney monopolizing the entertainment industry

The Disney Company effectively purchased recognized properties like Marvel and Lucas Films, launching a myriad of highly successful series of films, like The Avengers and new episodes to George Lucas' Star Wars

Roar vs Applause

Lady Gaga decided to release her single "Applause" on the same day that Katy Perry's "Roar", giving birth to one of the most entertaining battles between fan bases


When asked on the accusations of Gaga stealing from her, Madonna just said in 2012, "reductive".

50 Shades of Grey


Jennifer Lawrence takes a tumble

When walking to the stage to receive her Oscar, Hollywood darling slipped and fall on the stairs


Released on 2015 and marking the return of Adele, it reached the number 1 spot on almost every country it was released in

That Miley haircut

Shocking everyone by chopping of her hair and bleaching it, she inaugurated her Bangerz era with this questionable haircut

The Royal weddings

The sons of Lady Di and Prince Charles from the British Royal family get married

Solange bopped Jay Z's ass in an elevator

Solange gave it a go to his brother in law's bald head while them and Beyoncé were inside an elevator. The three exited it and acted nonchalantly afterwards like nothing happened

The K-wave taking strength

Korean actors, singers and bands successfully making a cross over to Western audiences, with the most known one being BTS

Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj

After endless, high-tension drags in social media, the tensions between the hip-hop stars climaxed in a fight with even a shoe getting involved

The Latin second wave and the resurgence of reggaetón

After Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and later Justin Bieber, unleashed hit song "Despacito" in 2017, Latin music has rose in popularity everywhere, more specifically, reggaetón.

Pokémon Go and the second coming of Pokemania

Released during the Summer of 2016, Pokémon Go helped usher a second Pokemania, allowing the Pokémon franchise to become the biggest media franchise in the world with earnings in the trillions of yen

Bad gal Rih Rih becoming the richest female musician

Former singer turned lingerie, make up and clothing designer, turned her ventures into profit, thanks to her brand, Fenty.

Yalitza Aparicio

Mexican actress gets nominated thanks to her debut role in Cuarón's "Roma", for an Oscar


Originally a technique used by drag queens and stage actors, it seeped its way to mainstream thanks to the Kardashians/Jenners, social media and an exacerbated interest in make up in general

Kristen Steward gets caught cheating

The actress and her director in Snow White were caught by a paparazzo cheating on their respective partners.

Fyre festival

Luxury music festival gone wrong, when the premises, acts and services were not as promoted, spanning at least 6 lawsuits and losses in the millions

Katie Holmes escaped Tom Cruise and Scientology

Taking her daughter with her, she escaped from the whack ass religion and his celebrity representative on Earth, in a move orchestrated by her father

Lindsay Lohan living her best life in Mykonos

Actress and entrepreneur was seen partying away in the famous Cyclades island, busting some sweet moves to put into practice this New Years Eve

Source my memory and Google Images
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