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Ontd Original: The highest rated shows of the decade*

*Note, the following list does not include specials and may be rearranged pending new data.


"Undercover Boss". February 4,2010. 38.6 million viewers.
The episode "Waste Mangement" was the first episode of the show and aired after the Super Bowl.

[Spoiler (click to open)]


"This is us" February 4, 2018
26.97 million viewers.
This was an episode titled "Superbowl Sunday" aired after the actual game, and where viewers learned the details of Jack's death.


"Glee" February 6, 2011
26.8 viewers.

- The episode titled " The Sue Sylvester Shuffle" had the gleeks joining the football team dressed as zombies. Aired after the Superbowl.


"The World's Best" February 3, 2019. 22.95 million viewers.

- A talent show where Drew Barrymore, Rupaul, and Faith Hill are judges.


"Empire" March 18,2015. 17.62 million viewers.

- The last episode of the iconic first season of the show.

The entire list:

1. Undercover Boss 38.6 millon viewers

2.The Voice" Feb 5 2012. 37.61 millon viewers

3." This Is Us" 26.97 milllon viewers

4."Glee" 26.8 millon viewers

5." New Girl" 26.30 millon viewers February 4,2012. Prince episode

6. " The Blacklist" Febuary 2015. 25.724 viewers. Episode " Luther Braxton" part 1.

7." The World's Best " 22.21 million viewers

8. " NCIS" September 25, 2012
21.34 million viewers.

9."Big Bang Theory' September 26, 2013 . 20.44 million viewers. September 2013,14,15 18+ million viewers

9." Elementry" February 2015. 20.800 million viewers. Episode " "The Deductionist"

10."Empire"17.62 million.


Ontd: Do you think a single episode will ever get 30 millon viewers at one time without the Super Bowel ever again?
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