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Announcing the 2020 ONTD Reading Challenge!

Welcome to the 2020 ONTD Reading Challenge! We hope you enjoyed our 2019 challenge, that you discovered great new reads and had fun talking them over with you fellow ONTDers. If you had a difficult time keeping up or if you've never joined us, now is the time to start fresh: new year, new challenges!

This time, the majority of the tasks were suggested by ONTDers themselves. We've had SO MANY great suggestions and it wasn't easy picking just 12! Thank you to everybody who contributed.

We (milfordacademy and hjalmartazar) did our best to pick the funniest ONTD-related tasks, the ones with the most potential book choices, and the ones we thought would be most appealing to ONTDers. Even if one or more themes takes you out of your comfort zone, don't get discouraged: remember, that's part of what makes it a reading CHALLENGE!

As usual, we will make posts before each month with reading suggestions (the January post will be up on the 30th). Join our Goodreads community to keep the discussion going! We have new topics each month for users to discuss what they picked and whether they liked it, a challenge tracker topic, and you can also start a new topic yourself to discuss a particular book that fits into a challenge task.

So without further ado, let's see what tasks await us in 2020.

January: Read a Book That is Being Adapted Into a Movie or TV Show in 2020

February: My Cousin Just Moved to Nigeria to Discover New Talent
(Thank you kjendis5!)

Jay-Z’s cousin may be in Nigeria discovering new musical talent, but you don’t have to move to discover the country’s vibrant literary talents. This month, let’s read a book by a Nigerian author or set in Nigeria.

March: Everyone was Dad
(Thank you azn_trang and winegums!)

Read a book about a dad, with a memorable or prominent dad character or where fatherhood is a major theme

April: Read a Book With a Scandalous Past
(Thank you squirrels_oh_no!)

Read a book that caused scandal or major controversy when it was first released. We're talking widespread bans, major social outrage, governmental or religious condemnation, the author being prosecuted, arrested or exiled for its writing, etc.

The scandal can also be related to the author or the publication of the book itself, for example, the book being a hoax or the author being a scammer or other kind of criminal (e.g. James Frey's "A Million Little Pieces").

May: Real Housewives Yelling at Cat
(Thank you squirrels_oh_no and moonsenorita!)

Read a book about a cat or where a cat is an important or memorable character.

June: Ok Boomer
(Thank you justrachna and sparkagrace!)

Read a book that was published between 1946-64 or written by a boomer author.

July: Surprised Pikachu Face
(Thank you crazyrenegade!)

Read a book with a plot twist.

August: Sparks Joy

Re-read a book that sparks joy for you or read a feel-good book.

September: Old Man Yelling at Cloud

Read a book about or with a prominent character who is a curmudgeon: a crotchety, grumpy, cantankerous character (regardless of age or sex).

October: Time for the Urn

Read a book with death as a theme or where a death (or more) is an important part of the narrative.

November: Hindsight is 2020
(Thank you tanglespiders and sthlmsyndrom!)

Read a book with flashbacks.

December: Read a Book That Won an Award in 2020

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Will you join, ONTD? Which tasks are you looking forward to the most?
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