A donut (frejasface) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
A donut

Lots of Bachelor Tea to Sip Before the Big Premiere!

  • Chris Harrison is apparently pretty mad at Peter in the new Bach promo. Girl, do not piss of Chris Harrison.

  • Allegedly, the contestant who allegedly [spoiler]broke up several marriages by cheating with her friends' husbands also allegedly [spoiler]got in a bar fight with one of Peter's irl friends. Whew, chile...

  • They are keeping things pretty secretive, as even Reality Steve doesn't know Peter's final choice.

  • Katie and Chris from BIP have broken up. Was he too distant? Was she too needy? Prob both, lbr.

source, source, source
Tags: reality show celebrity, television - abc, the bachelor / bachelorette (abc)

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