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The View: Jack Black, Hot Topics

Whoopi is off today, no guest host

Jack Black

Jack Black is promoting Jumanji: The Next Level

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Plays film clip. [He looks like he’s wearing those blue booties that doctors and nurses wear in an operating room. He also looks like he slept in his clothes, didn’t comb his har, and maybe didn’t shower. Anyway.] Comes out to Crazy Train by Ozzy which is the song for Jumanji sequel. He’s 50, spent it at Disney trying to complete the Disney 50 challenge. Plays video. Says he invented it because he wanted to go to Disney and he wanted to do the red carpet treatment so it would look fun on insta and he could skip the long lines. Abby says he’s a cool dad. JB says he’s available for rental. Says his kids thinks he’s lame. Sunny saw the latest Jumanji with her kids, she loved it. He plays three characters. One was originally played by Robin Williams. Talks about the premise of this sequel.

Meghan talks about the cast, asks about Kevin Hart health. JB says KH is doing well, KH just got his star on Walk of Fame. Joy asks the difference about hands and feet in cement versus the plaque. JB doesn’t know the rules, pretend pouts that he didn’t rank for the extra perks. Abby plays commercial of JB at age 13 yrs old for Atari game Pitfall. Talks about getting the call for his first gig. Abby thinks he could sell ~anything. JB wanted to be on tv and his friends see him in a commercial. He had magical fame that lasted about one week. JB is still wearing the same kind of hat in Jumanji. Says his dad wore the same hat, shows photo.

Dear men, if you have salt n pepper hair, that’s fine, it’s not a bad thing. But if you color your hair plus have a full beard, then color your beard too. It doesn’t look right to have hair color on your head, then a natural beard with gray.

Hot Topic Nikki Haley is a Racist MAGACollapse )

Hot Topic Billionaires Donating to CampaignsCollapse )

Hot Topic TRE45ON Bullies a TeenagerCollapse )

Hot Topic Nursing a Baby is BeautifulCollapse )

Hot Topic RHONJ Mocking Co-starsCollapse )

Hot Topic Santa Naughty List for ChildrenCollapse )

Ontd did you write a Santa list when you were a child?

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