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The View: Jack Black, Hot Topics

Whoopi is off today, no guest host

Jack Black

Jack Black is promoting Jumanji: The Next Level

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Plays film clip. [He looks like he’s wearing those blue booties that doctors and nurses wear in an operating room. He also looks like he slept in his clothes, didn’t comb his har, and maybe didn’t shower. Anyway.] Comes out to Crazy Train by Ozzy which is the song for Jumanji sequel. He’s 50, spent it at Disney trying to complete the Disney 50 challenge. Plays video. Says he invented it because he wanted to go to Disney and he wanted to do the red carpet treatment so it would look fun on insta and he could skip the long lines. Abby says he’s a cool dad. JB says he’s available for rental. Says his kids thinks he’s lame. Sunny saw the latest Jumanji with her kids, she loved it. He plays three characters. One was originally played by Robin Williams. Talks about the premise of this sequel.

Meghan talks about the cast, asks about Kevin Hart health. JB says KH is doing well, KH just got his star on Walk of Fame. Joy asks the difference about hands and feet in cement versus the plaque. JB doesn’t know the rules, pretend pouts that he didn’t rank for the extra perks. Abby plays commercial of JB at age 13 yrs old for Atari game Pitfall. Talks about getting the call for his first gig. Abby thinks he could sell ~anything. JB wanted to be on tv and his friends see him in a commercial. He had magical fame that lasted about one week. JB is still wearing the same kind of hat in Jumanji. Says his dad wore the same hat, shows photo.

Dear men, if you have salt n pepper hair, that’s fine, it’s not a bad thing. But if you color your hair plus have a full beard, then color your beard too. It doesn’t look right to have hair color on your head, then a natural beard with gray.

Hot Topic Nikki Haley is a Racist MAGA

People were mad about Nikki Haley claim that Dylan Roof hijacked the original intent of the Confederate flag. Plays clip. Then NH wrote an op-ed. She respects people who still see it as southern pride. A T45 both sides strategy. Meghan mocks Glenn Beck. Thought it was a bizarre subject to bring up. NH removed the flag, so to have this stance, it’s strange. Tells MyDad™ relevant story. Plays clip. It plagued him. That was in 1999. Now NH is out there still doing it 20 yrs later. It’s a symbol of racism, that’s it. Sunny thinks it’s disqualifying NH to run for public office, with NH blaming reaction on outrage culture. Sunny is more outraged at NH and she goes off. SC was the first state to commit treason, if they couldn’t still own humans. Slavery was mentioned 18x in the SC declaration. It was never about service and heritage. The Confederate flag is about nothing but oppression and slavery. Meghan thinks NH is appealing to T45 supporters, thinks it’s dangerous. Meghan and Abby have personally asked NH to be a guest but NH has refused to come on The View [blech stay away].

Abby thinks she’s only going on programs that would give her a good headline. More and more people are pushing back against hate, and women -they’re not going to be on board with NH trying to play both sides. Brings up NH trying to co-opt Dylan Roof shooting. Meghan says there are a lot of progressive people in SC that thought they were moving past this but NH is bringing them backwards. Sunny says a real leader stands on morality, and doesn’t speak out of both sides of their mouth. Joy says NH has to prove she’s just as narrowminded as T45 is. NH is appealing to bigots, T45 base. Thinks it’s interesting that she somehow initially escaped ETTD (Everything Tr/mp Touches Dies] but now she’s full MAGA. Says she won’t be the new sparkly shiny object in four years. Joy thinks T45 may dump Pence, so he should watch his back.

Hot Topic Billionaires Donating to Campaigns

Sanders says he’s the only candidate who hasn’t accepted donations from billionaires. Mayor Pete takes issue. Plays clip. Warren doesn’t know what Sanders is talking about. Message is that billionaires shouldn’t be allowed to buy in to a campaign. Sunny says money has been in politics for a long time, rich people have been running it for a long time, it is what it is. Citizens United says a limit on money is a limit on free speech, wonders why it’s such a surprise at this point. It’s not going to be solved unless they change the law. It’s like Democrats aren’t allowed to be wealthy. Meghan says billionaires aren’t donating to Sanders, so what do they care, what is his point. Abby literally speed talks about hrjewuiodfjkewoij3kqjedik. Individuals are limited to $2800 donation to a candidate, but then there are super pacs.

Programming note, Tom Steyer will be guest on Friday

Hot Topic TRE45ON Bullies a Teenager

T45 is pouting that Greta Thunberg was chosen as Time Person of the Year. Shows his tweet. Greta changed her profile to his remark, to troll him. It’s a personal sore spot, reminds that he had the fake Time cover. Plus it’s Person of the Year not Best Person, in that sometimes it’s a bad person (eg Htlr and T45 himself). Thinks it’s awful that he’s bullying a 16 yr old child with Aspergers. The first lady is trash for doing nothing about his bullying. Barron is still not a Baron. Meghan thought Time POY should’ve been the whistleblower. Panel debates whether it should be Greta who had an international impact, or someone else. Sunny drags Melanie some more. Liked that Time named the public servants as Guardians of the Year, naming those who testified publicly at the Impeachment Hearings. Meghan brings up whistleblower again. Panel says that’s US only, whereas Greta is global. Meghan is worried that Greta has peaked at 16 yrs old. [Loool]


Hot Topic Nursing a Baby is Beautiful

[Clip is missing from The View channel I will check again later and add it]

Pretty Little Liars Shay Mitchell posted an insta photo of her nursing her baby. Commenters had a fit. Joy wonders why there is such hypocrisy about women’s breasts, lists examples. Abby liked that she made it glamorous because irl it’s not glamorous, wants to see real talk about breastfeeding, what it’s really like, it doesn’t work for everyone. Joy says biting starts at 4 mos. Sunny didn’t know why it’s talked about, as if it’s still a thing. Meghan says she has nothing for this segment. Thinks it’s beautiful and she doesn’t care, let [Shay] live. Jokes that she might be scared if there’s biting involved. Admires women who do it.

Hot Topic RHONJ Mocking Co-stars

Is imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Plays clip. Says it’s clear one of them wasn’t comfortable with what was happening. Panel discusses imitating each other. Joy says she imitates the whole panel. Meghan wonders if Joy imitating her is nice or mean. Joy says she takes a little bit of truth a little bit of risk. Says Fred Armisen, a guy, imitates her, she doesn’t care. Abby says she was dancing before the show, Joy wondered if that was a nice little Mormon skip. Sunny makes fun of some of her friends. She has a friend who falls asleep at every function. Takes photo and posts them. Shows picture. Friend told Sunny that she didn’t like it, so she’s going to stop. Meghan thinks they should do an impression of Brian (the producer).

Hot Topic Santa Naughty List for Children

[Clip is missing from The View channel I will check again later and add it]

Teacher said if children don’t behave, Santa will know. Abby says kids are insane, it’s perfect, you do what you gotta do. Tells story about her 2 yr old who wants to walk (instead of stroller) but is slow pokey. Meghan has a laugh about having hot topics for childless hosts. Says Abby’s daughter Isabella is adorable and Abby probably negotiated with her. Abby says yep, told her she would get chocolate ice cream later. Plays clip. Sunny thinks [teacher approach] is a little much. Joy says threats should begin at home. Meghan wants hashtag Justice for Childless Hosts.

Ontd did you write a Santa list when you were a child?

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