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'Succession' Covers Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly has released several covers with their "Entertainers of the Year", and this one features members of the cast of HBO's Succession. Though they may have been snubbed by SAG, series stars Jeremy Strong, Sarah Snook and Kieran Culkin won EW's hearts. Click the cut for photos, videos & an interview.

Kieran Culkin

Jeremy Strong

Sarah Snook

Interview snippet

- Initially, Culkin liked the show but wondered who would want to watch it; toward the end of filming the first season, he realized he felt for the characters even though he didn't know why. Snook thought after Ep 5 that since they'd already shot so much footage, they couldn't fire her.
- Strong broke his foot running down the street during the proxy call meeting.
- Snook's interactions with fans: “Nobody watches you, but I’m telling my friends to watch it.” Like, “Ouch? Thanks?”
- Strong designed the L to OG shirt that Kendall wore for his S2 rap.
- Snook says that it's not about who is gonna take over, it's about how the same toxic pressure-filled environment has molded everyone in the Roy family.
- Strong knew how S2 would end before they started shooting.
- They all praise Alan Ruck's improv abilities.
- They kept laughing while shooting the scene where Tom steals Logan's chicken.
- Strong was hesitant to do the rap initially, but Armstrong showed him a video of an oil heir doing something similar, and composer Nick Brittell did the rap for Strong over the phone. And then he surprised the rest of the cast with his performance.
- They don't rehearse their scenes before they run them.

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me @ EW

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