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'Little Women' Promo Rolls On: Colbert, Seth Meyers, The Today Show, Paris

Florence Pugh was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert promoting Little Women.

- Says she read it because her Gran had it, and they both related to Amy.
- Wasn't scared of Meryl Streep - says she's a warm & beautiful woman. Leaned into the impulse to hug her and regretted it.
- Stephen was too scared to watch Midsommar, Florence says she's scared of LoTR.
- They do *not* discuss her wasting her youth on Zach Braff.

Saoirse Ronan was on Seth Meyers.

- Says Meryl doesn't put on airs despite legend status.
- Accepts congrats for her Golden Globe nom.
- Is heading back to Ireland for the holidays, and is prepared since she's had a lot of free time.

- Says the cast all gets along really well and have kept in touch since they wrapped last year.
- She says she's all arms with dancing.
- Named her short Little Women wig Pam, and gave her an accent (Australian) and a back story (she posts bad reviews on Trip Advisor).
- Eliza Scanlen and Margot Robbie have assured her she has a bad Australian accent.

Florence, Saoirse and Eliza all showed up for The Today Show.

- They talk about the Golden Globes and Greta Gerwig not being nominated.
- They talk briefly about having read Little Women as kids.
- They discuss how Florence asked Saoirse to slap her before a fight scene.
- Eliza had to relearn how to play the piano for her role.

Timothée, Eliza and Saoirse all appeared on a French show called C à vous.

I don't speak French, but Tim does.

Saoirse talks a bit here, but they translate over her.

More French, but about football this time, and one of the players has a message of some sort for Tim.

They talk about rehearsals? Idk, again, I don't speak French.

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