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The View: Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Full panel

I don’t know if this aired in all time zones because my tv had breaking news for Impeachment. This was written from the clips uploaded to The View channel.

Whoopi wears a questionable Christmas sweater

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
She has candy in the pouch of her Christmas sweater. Plus it has pockets! It can be found at Zappos. You have to go pretty hard to destroy us, our country, too many people who fought too hard for too long. Celebrating the Constitution and our rights as Americans. Blah di blah.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Two articles of Impeachment for committing High Crimes and Misdemeanors. 1-Abuse of power and 2-Obstruction of Congress. Not a celebratory moment. When he’s out, then we can clap. It’s never good. Plays clip of announcement. Plays another clip of bonkers hearing yesterday. Take note: when people speak calmly and with conviction, usually telling the truth or the truth as they know it, but when people are shouty and more shouty and non-sensical, it means they have nothing. Whoopi misspoke earlier, Nixon wasn’t technically impeached because he had a clue, and knew to resign before House voted on impeachment. Is no one is going to say, hey maybe they liked T45 in general but this was wrong. GOP defense is not that he didn’t do it, it’s that who cares, get over it. What T45 did is explicitly in the Constitution as bad. Madison should come back from the dead and say See what I said. If this isn’t impeachable, then what is?

Subpoenas used to mean something. Obstructing witnesses and withholding documents is obviously an act of guilt. Sunny explains the legal details, so the wheels of justice roll slowly. McDougal during Clinton era defied a subpoena and served 18 months, but none of these clowns have faced any repercussions /because men/. This is a political proceeding, but GOP only attacked the process without ever disputing the facts. It’s only partisan because GOP is trash. Ukrainians died because he withheld aid /until he got caught/. Meghan doesn’t like seeing Ukraine being thrown under the bus, calls out Cruz, Tucker Carlson. A-level gaslighting. Whoopi says we all know b.s. when we hear it. The annexation of Crimea was wrong and only the start continuation of Russian aggression. Without Ukraine, Russia is only a country. With Ukraine, they’re back to a superpower. [this was a quote from the hearings].

Hot Topic FBI Tells Truth About Mueller Investigation, Gets Scolded

Ruh roh. The DOJ Inspector General released their report of the Mueller investigation yesterday. FBI was justified in investigation of T45 Russia ties. No political bias found, bloop. Did call out some areas of improvement (so, that’s normal in a de-brief). Meanwhile T45 and Barr and the entire GOP are like Look the Smoking Gun, like all Americans continue to be illiterate and stupid, instead of just their cult followers. Plays clip. T45 actually calls it a great achievement. Looool. FBI Director Chris Wray talked to ABC News. Plays clip. Backs up the IG report, his employees, their objectivity and courage. Back in the day, Hoover was relentlessly investigating MLK, so corruption did exist. Hippies and Yippies happened, and had a lot of power. This new event all started because T45 tweeted that Obama spied on T45 campaign despite no evidence. Everyone was saying the report would be so damning. And then the report said Nope, nothingburger. Some are cherry picking elements of the report to support their political bias. T45 always get so far out over his skis with hyperbole. People believe him /because they’re stupid/. Maybe there were mistakes but nothing Deep State. Abby has a Libertarian rant about FISA process. Sunny lawyersplains it like a normal person. Abby continues to rant, boy she’s ridiculous.

Whoopi reminded people lost their mind over Hillary emails. [Good lord I should write a dissertation about that whole nonsense]. Anyway, real leaders are comfortable admitting that mistakes happen and are willing to learn and avoid them. But T45 is not now nor has he ever been a leader. He’s the stuff of Dictators. Panel talks about how we’re not in a Dictatorship /yet/ because they’d all be in jail. Meghan says she’d be first.

Hot Topic Richard Jewell Movie Makes Woman Look Worse Because OF COURSE

See related post here by lollapoe

The Atlanta Journal Constitution is who rushed to judgement over Richard Jewell during the Olympic Bombing. But then, the movie took an unnecessary and misogynistic fictional liberty by portraying a real life female journalist involved in the reporting, as sleeping with an FBI agent to get a scoop on the story. She has passed away, so she can’t speak up for herself, yet there is no indication this element of her backstory is true and it marginalizes a woman JUST BECAUSE.

AJC has threatened to sue over this and other false claims. Wonders how much artistic license can you take with actual events. Sunny does the legal disclaimer blah blah. Warner Bros has a postscript at the end of the film that says fictional liberties were taken. Just a bad take, especially in the MeToo era. Abby applies her media purity test. Anyway, of all the fictional liberties to take, they didn’t have to malign the woman and muddy the waters further on journalistic integrity. They smeared the woman for no reason. Meghan says blah blah. MyFamily™ blah blah. Brings up Bombshell. Fiction can become reality when they’re not fact checked. Abby asks about The Crown that she googles because she’s not sure what’s real vs fiction. Whereas All the Presidents Men still feels like a legit documentary, even though there were some fictional liberties, the core truths were upheld.

Hot Topic Lizzo Wore a Thong at Lakers Game

Lizzo was living her best life at a Lakers game, wearing a thong, and twerking with the cheerleaders to her own song. Says people can kiss her /red dot/ (used to blur her nsfw photo). Twitter had thoughts. Whoopi talks about Lakers game. Often people wear less than the players wear. Joy first thought it seemed inappropriate but then Whoopi convinced Joy to wear that to this wedding she’s going to. Sunny didn’t care about Oh no kids are watching, but she felt like she’s accomplished and didn’t need it. Meghan talks about herself but thought she was having fun, let her live. Sunny remembers Prince wearing the chaps that showed his butt cheeks. Whoopi says Lizzo just doesn’t care.

Ontd do you wear Christmas sweaters?

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