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Internet Famous Nobody Goes to Jail After Domain Robbery Gone Wrong

It's time for the latest entry in the Nobody of the Day series, featuring gunpoint attempted robbery of a domain name. If you don't know, a domain name is the readable address of a website so humans can remember it. Computers are talking in IP addresses, but we can't.


Rossi Lorathio Adams II built a large following by posting videos of drunk Iowa University students via the website doit4state.com (Not quite SFW)

He also wanted the domain doitforstate, and harassed the person who owned it until the person agreed to sell for 20k$ and Adams was unwilling to pay.

Instead of accepting his loss and moving on like a reasonable person, he got his homeless cousin to go to the owners' house and threaten him with a gun. The owner of the domain and home wrestled the gun away, and in the melee, shot the intruder several times in the chest.

Among the evidence on the scene was a handwritten note with instructions on how to transfer the name and the GoDaddy account number and personal email address of Adams to which the domain was to be transferred.

Adams and his lawyer maintain his innocence despite the above, basically saying "I wouldn't be that stupid to write the shit down", even though there are his prints on the paper.

Nevertheless, he has been sentence to 14 years in prison.


Tags: computers and technology, internet celebrities, legal / lawsuit, nobody

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