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Taylor Swift performs new Christmas song live & receives advice about re-recording her songs

Glenn Tilbrook of Squeeze:
“My advice to Taylor Swift is that it takes an awful lot of time, trouble, and money to [re-record hits faithfully], and I would question what the intended outcome would be. If she does it and gets away with it, of course, I support her efforts 100 percent.”

Allen Kovac, manager of Mötley Crüe:
He estimates that “the average re-record does 10 to 20 percent of what the original master does” in revenue terms. His company once had a JV with an advertising agency, he says, where he learned that whenever a re-record was considered in order to save money “it was ultimately rejected by either the company who wanted to use the song, or the creative department.”

“When you re-record, do you ever capture that same atmosphere? Do you have the same band, the same studio? What is it you’re trying to do — say to your fans, ‘Don’t listen to the music you already love’? I don’t know fans like that. . . . If you could show me [one artist for whom] it’s worked out well, I’d say it’s a great idea and everyone should do it; I just haven’t seen any evidence of that.”

Justin Kalifowitz, founder and CEO, Downtown Music Holdings:
“Artists re-recording songs for different labels is a practice that’s decades old. Take Frank Sinatra, who recorded different arrangements of Cole Porter’s “I Concentrate On You” for Columbia in 1947, Capitol in 1960, and finally, for a label he founded, Reprise, in 1967.

“In fact, it was the Reprise version appearing on the groundbreaking bossa nova collaboration Francis Albert Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim that had, arguably, the greatest impact: the album was nominated for a Grammy.”

Meanwhile, Taylor performed at the Capital Jingle Bell Ball last night.

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