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The View: Samantha Rodriguez and Family, Hot Topics

Full panel

I don’t know if this aired in all time zones due to House Impeachment Hearing. These are written from the clips uploaded to The View channel.

The Rodriguez Family talk about their family. I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
First part is a taped segment that covers the background of the family. Mom was diagnosed with cancer and died in 2013. Father was diagnosed with lymphoma and died in 2016. The kids thought they’d be split up after their dad was gone. The oldest sister at age 17 decided she would be the parent to the other siblings. She had to quit school and get a full time job. They make ends meet based on death benefits from both parents and her own job. The older blonde woman is their grandmother.

In the studio
Samantha, Destiny, Bella, Michael, Brenda, Milagros, and their grandmother Lourdes [I think I got the names correct]
Whoopi asked where did she find the strength that she could do this, of course she wanted to, but could she. Samantha says she got it from her mom, her strength, her admiration for her mom. Whoopi says they could’ve gotten help from the welfare system or other social programs, but they chose not to. Samantha said when all those things get involved, it takes out the family as a whole. But doing it their way, they can say they did all this together, not everyone can know what they went through losing their parents. Sunny wondered what life lessons did their parents instill in Samantha that she wanted to pass on. Samantha says they showed her strength and love, not to take anything for granted, the material things don’t matter, what’s been given can be taken away so fast. What really matters if family and love and support. Sunny talks to Lourdes, she’s the mother of their dad. She’s 76 yrs old and she relies on Samantha to run the household. Lourdes doesn’t speak English, so Sunny then talks to her in Spanish. Wonders where Samantha got this strength from. Lourdes says Samantha got it from her mom. Samantha had to drop out of high school but went back a few times, eventually getting her diploma. She’s enrolled as a student now and working part time. Samantha talks about how important education is. She wanted to make it a priority to be a good role model for the other kids. Felt she had to set that example. In the audience, Heather @ Toyota heard her story, they felt compelled to help. Commends her for her courage and tenacity. Samantha is continuing her education at the University of Central Florida after finishing at Valencia College. Toyota gives her a $15K scholarship towards her education. But wait, there’s more! Toyota also gives them a brand new minivan Toyota Sienna. Abby is the car model. [Second video] Disney filled their van full of Disney toys for Christmas.

This was very uplifting 🙂❤️

Hot Topic Are You Job Searching?

Strong jobs report. Economic expansion started in 2009 but you know who is obviously taking credit. No modern day potus has won re-election in a strong economy [she said this wrong, it’s the opposite]. Deficit is huge problem but in short term unemployment is low. 44% of American workers are making $18K per year before taxes, which is under the poverty line. If we’re doing so well, why are they cutting food stamps. Look behind the numbers. People are underpaid, the deficit has soared [people are working multiple jobs to barely make ends meet]. Trade wars, dumb wall, spends and spends. American people don’t get enough credit for the hard work they do every day. Individuals are taxed too much, but corporations are not taxed enough. Economy may be doing fine, but the people are not doing fine. Economy is an easy stump speech.

Counterpunch is people looking inside their pockets. Families still living paycheck to paycheck. Meghan keeps interrupting Sunny, so rude. Only Carter and Bush41 to not be re-elected during a high economy. Democrats aren’t giving a better alternative. When Americans know what’s in their bank account is not enough to pay for necessities, they’re not dumb. Plus they know all the other horrible things he’s doing. Dems are offering hugely expensive ideas. The one at the top of the polls isn’t proposing an expensive program. People poor on the left or the right, you have to pay attention, word salad.

Hot Topic Do You Believe Polls?

Study found voters are more likely to believe a poll that favors the candidate that they like. Are polls useless? Speaking of 2016 polls, Hillary did win popular vote by 3M votes. But at a state by state level, it missed the three states that swung the election, and the polls didn’t factor in Russia. Talks about Kamala and Mayor Pete. Sunny has never been polled, has a land line, never been called. She’s black and Hispanic and female and votes every election. Who are they polling? George Gallup who started the modern day poll says it’s as likely as being struck by lightning. Joy talks about college Statistics 101. Ron Paul supporters lived in the sticks somewhere, grassroots support low on the radar. Also in SC, people lied who they would vote for, the white candidate ended up winning by a landslide. Lots of people didn’t publicly admit they vote for T45 because they knew they're [awful people]. Sidebar gaffe about polls vs Poles. Whoopi also still has a landline. She’s been polled. They say they have her down as a registered Republican. She tells them she’s not. But she’s willing to answer some questions. Whoopi cautions they might not want to ask too many questions, and she might talk about them on tv. Audience is asked how many have been polled, maybe 4 of them.

Hot Topic Secret Santa Stress

Millennials says office Secret Santa gives them anxiety. They feel pressure to get a fun creative gift. Are they overthinking it. Your boss knows you’re only supposed to spend a certain amount. You can’t suck up via Secret Santa so calm down. Sunny loves it, and likes elf on a shelf. Abby likes it, keep it under $20, but should be funny, it’s a good way to get to know someone. Joy doesn’t know what to get people she knows, much less people she doesn’t know. Sunny likes the theme-d gifts. And gag gifts. Meghan doesn’t like forced fun. You have to go do an errand, it’s a drag. Pc culture has killed what’s fun about Christmas. People are stopping parties because people are worried about someone going to HR. Whoopi talks about alcohol content.

PSA never ever ever get drunk at an office party. Ever. You’re welcome. 😀

Hot Topic Also

Queen Elizabeth may wear up to 7 outfits in one day during the Christmas season. Other guests have to dress around her. it’s odd. You couldn’t compete with the Queen, it used to be off with your head. Maybe she just wants to go home and take off her brassiere. It’s like her wedding night every day. Aretha had multiple outfit changes at her own funeral.

RIP Caroll Spinney re/Big Bird on Sesame Street
RIP René Auberjonois re/Benson and Star Trek Deep Space Nine
RIP rapper Juice Wrld who had a seizure

Do you like office Secret Santa and Parties

Secret Santa and Parties Yes
Secret Santa and Parties No
Secret Santa but no Party
Party but no Secret Santa
Fa la la la la

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