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Billie Eilish " Sunday Morning,"

- Singer Billie Eilish was interviewed by Gayle King for " Sunday Morning"

- The show opens with a home video of Eilish at 7 singing and trying to play a guitar :18 mark.

- Eilish and her brother take King into the room where Eilish's hit album was made. Eilish's parents say she was singing before she could talk.

-Eilish says that radio stations told her her music was to dark to play on mainstream radio. She says that anybody that knows her, knows she's not a dark person and laughs at everything.

- Eilish says last year she was extremely unhappy and that unhappiness followed her into the new year. She says there were many reasons why, but mainly she has clinical depression and she gained fame that she didn't want at the time. She says she just wanted to hang out with her friends. Her parents said they kept a close watch and asked her frequently if what she was doing was what she wanted. Eilish says she loved touring,and with the help of therapy and family support she is much better.

- When asked if she feels pressure to top or maintain her success, Ellish says definitely,but it's not bumming her out or making her super stressed or worried.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

Eilish sings while brother finneas plays the piano.


The sibling's briefly talk about the making of " Bad Guy" and how many times Duh was recorded in the song.


Eilish talks about how dressing in baggy clothes helped her with her toxic relationship with her body, that started around 14.


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