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Daisy Ridley doesn't understand privilege

Contents of the interview:
- Her habit of gaining an audience and rejecting it beyond her performance.
- She is the strongest and healthiest she's ever been.
- She wasn't a Star Wars fan previous to being in it, which helped her reject the weight of the franchise to embody Rey.
- She says there is a disconnect in the consent of celebrities to have their photos taken and uploaded online, a practice which doesn't extend to most people.
- She doesn't feel safe if her friends are on their phones at private and intimate moments, such as dinner. She doesn't understand why people would want everyone to know what they're up to all the time.
- Says attention is always directed at her if she's out with family or friends, and it's rude - people don't know her and shouldn't assume they can just ask her about her life.
- Becomes defensive when the interviewer mentions her parents' connections and wealth (her Grandfather was head of BBC engineering) and the fact she went to boarding school. Not mentioned in article but her mother's side comes from landed gentry (families that made a living exclusively on being landowners / rental income).
- Says her and her co-star John Boyega are 'so similar' despite him applying for a hardship fund to join the theatre when he was younger (excerpt above).
- Clarifies that the interviewer is not wrong, but she has never been asked about it before so doesn't know what to say.

- Used to gatecrash parties in Mayfair.
- But she isn't really a partier. Doesn't take drugs and doesn't drink often.
- Grateful she didn't have a 'bikini' moment in Star Wars.
- Doesn't have other projects lined up for now. Has said no to films that don't have equal pay and atmospheres before.
- Doesn't feel she needs to hide her beliefs because of Disney.
- Happiest having a nap in her parents' home.

more at the source

The interviewer is Nosheen Iqbal.
Tags: actor / actress, british celebrities, daisy ridley, disney, interview, john boyega, photo shoot, star wars

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