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The View: John Lithgow, Hot Topics

Whoopi is off, Ana is guest host

John Lithgow

John Lithgow is promoting the film Bombshell and his book Dumpty

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Plays clip. JL will play Roger Ailes. Praises the panel, says they’re marvelous. Joy saw a screening of the film. He also played Winston Churchill on The Crown. JL tried to play him as three-dimensional as possible. Found people loyal and devoted to him as well as terrified and loathed him. Felt it was a challenge to show that many different sides to the man. No question he’s the villain, but the movie is for the women. It wasn’t about Ailes, it was about everyone’s reaction to him. Abby’s legs are in the movie. Thought JL was phenomenal. Ailes is tough to get right, he’s a genius but also a monster. If you hate Fox, it makes Fox out to be the monster people want it to be, but it was also an emotional roller coaster and there are hardworking women who still work there. [pfft anyone with scruples would never work there, they would work somewhere else, they are not the only network]. JL gives props to Connie Britton, who plays Ailes wife, at the point where she (as the wife) finds out the irrefutable truth. Ana talks about that emotional impact to learn that someone you liked or admired, learn they’re bad. JL says it’s a great movie of the MeToo era. Really confronts it head on. Meghan loved him as Churchill. Meghan says blah blah about Fox. JL says he’s a character actor, he’s in the empathy business, so he tried to get into the character’s head. His paranoia was fascinating. Guns in his office, escape plan at his house. Really thought Obama was plotting to k-ll him. [good lord crazy loco]. Joy wonders what he used for anger. Sunny reads legal statement blah blah.

Moves to JL book called Dumpty which is a collection of poems about the last few years of politics. Turned the rage into entertainment. They joke he should move to Wales. It’s funny and so good.

Hot Topic You’re A Damn Liar

Plays clip. Joy says no more sleepy Joe. Ana loved it. Scrappy from Scranton and he’s going to need to be able to do this. He’s going to be running against a liar. Sunny liked it as well. If you talk about (her) kids, then you get the Wrath of Khan. Thinks he has to craft his response. Obama took it so seriously that Yovanovich was prepped for testimony. Abby agrees with Sunny, that he needs a prepped answer because it will come back. But Abby also thought his response suggested it was getting to him. She doesn’t think of him as being angry. In these moments, you get a sense of temperament. Felt like it escalated the temperature in the room. Sunny says it could’ve revealed what T45 will go after. [T45 lost every 2016 debate, we already know what he does].

Meghan talks how the town halls work, as many as you can do in one day, and often other candidates send plants to stir things up. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but this wasn’t the tenor that she knows him. Joy says the comforting part to her was that [Biden] was comforting his son. Meghan says Hunter questions are going to come up, get it together. She wasn’t upset but she didn’t love it. Ana says he needs to be able to fight back, but also that he does need a prepared answer. Abby says he’s probably getting a lot of different advice in his head, so he should decide how he will react. Sunny goes back to him taking up for his son. Sunny mentioned 3 former Obama officials went to Mayor Pete, instead of Biden.

Hot Topic Don’t Mess With Me

James Rosen, a Sinclair reporter asked Pelosi if she hates T45. Pelosi dragged him. Plays clip. … Don’t mess with me when it comes to words like that. Only thing missing was the snaps and head roll, don’t mess with Grandma. Ana loved it, you see politicians who are constrained or on script, it triggered her. Pelosi has a lot of credibility on this, Pelosi hasn’t been screaming impeachment from day one, she moved forward because of the facts. To say that she’s doing this out of hate (is false). Rosen used to work at Fox. Abby thinks it was a lazy question. He was going for clickbait. Put some context to it, but what he asked was different. She blames T45 for how we talk to each other. Rosen works for a conservative outlet but she’s the House Speaker, show some respect. Abby thought she handled it well, she’s the most savvy politicians that we have right now. Joy thought it was about her faith. Sunny chimes in as well, also Catholic. Hate and jealousy are sins, she rebukes that word. Sunny felt it was a setup question, we keep hearing that talking point, that it’s about getting T45. Sunny said Pelosi went after him, don’t try to frame this about emotion, this is about the Constitution. Meghan thinks she answered it masterfully but now she’s selling t-shirts, it becomes a meme, this is serious. [Rme the lack of self-awareness]. Joy calls her out, you mean like MAGA retail. Meghan crosses her arms and pouts. Ana says it’s past the point of liking him, elaborates. Sunny felt the Mueller Report listed 10 examples of obstruction, he should've been impeached already. Abby thinks he’ll be re-elected.

Alert = Sinclair is a right wing mouthpiece, they’re the ones buying up local tv stations and requiring anchors to say things on air based on state run media messaging. Some anchors have quit rather than be forced. True facts. Don’t watch Sinclair owned stations.

Hot Topic Border Patrol Has Become the Gestapo

Warning: this is a tough video clip and tough subject. Viewer discretion advised.

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Back in May, a 16 yr old boy died of the flu. Clip shows 1:24AM boy struggling, in pain, disoriented, walks to bathroom in cell, collapses. Cell mate finds him @ 6:06AM on the floor. Cell mate gets CBP attention. CBP had claimed they found the boy unresponsive during a welfare check, but the video doesn’t lie. They knew the boy was sick, they knew he needed treatment. They weren’t checking on him. [Latest reports reveal CBP is purposely not giving detained immigrants the flu shot for this flu season. This event happened in May, which isn’t even flu season, and normally a 16 yr old would survive the flu with proper treatment]. Panel discusses. He had a 103 temperature and tested positive for the flu and yet received no help. Panel talks stats, numbers detained, separated, sick, deaths. Besides the physical harm, there’s separation anxiety and mental health issues. The trauma of the cell mate who found him. Previous admins had detained undocumented immigrants but this is the first time that detainees have died in federal custody. Where’s BeBest M-e-l-a-n-i-e. Meghan says no matter how you feel about immigration and T45, she gets choked up, you can’t leave people to die from the flu. Feels we’re losing our humanity. Ana says we wouldn’t be allowed to treat an animal like this. His name is Hernandez Vasquez (sp).

For anyone and everyone who dismisses comparisons of T45 to Hit|er, stop. We’re 3 yrs into this horrible nightmare. It took Htlr only 9 yrs and that was without social media or state run Fox News.

Hot Topic Went to Wales to Wail

Lena Dunham moved to Wales to mend her broken heart. There are apps that will plan your break up tour. Abby says not everyone could afford that. Sometimes it's not that big a deal but sometimes it’s toxic relationship. Ana says she went to wail in Wales (bah dum tss). Panel chats about their breakups. Usually you listen to break up songs. Can’t quit your life and move to another country. Might go to a different country but Wales? Would bring girlfriends and talk bad about him. Check out hot guy on the beach. Meghan went to Vegas her last breakup but said she moves on quickly. Ana likes to buy shoes.

Best way to get over a guy is to get under a guy. You’re welcome 😉

Ontd how do you mend your broken heart?

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