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Final Crisis on Infinite Earths Trailer

-while they couldn't get emily back for the crossover that doesn't mean felicity won't be a part of it
-2 part comic series that further develops the crossover outside of what we see on screen
-part 1 will be released on december 15th @ walmart, part 2 on january 19th
-cowritten by marv wolfman (og crisis writer) and trash man marc guggenheim
-core four of this tie in comic are: felicity smoak, ray terrill (first introduced in crisis on earth-x crossover two years ago), nyssa al ghul, and wally west
-all chosen because scheduling conflicts excluded them from appearing in the crossover onscreen
-barry allen, sara lance, kate kane, and ray palmer will also appear in it
-events of comic take place between act 1 of hour 2 (batwoman episode)

sources: 1 / 2 / 3
Tags: arrow (cw), dc comics, legends of tomorrow (cw), supergirl (cw), television - cw, television promo / stills, the flash (cw)

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