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Oscars sound categories may be merged

Don't know the difference between sound editing and sound mixing?? Well pretty soon you might not have to worry about that.

A subcommitee of the Academy's sound branch is strongly favoring a shakeup that would merge both the editing and mixing category into one. The governors of said branch emailed members to state that the lines that seperated their responsibilites to the overall soundtrack have been blurring and that there has been a substantial overlap between between nominees and winners in both categories (Over the past 13 years, 8 films have gone on to win both categories).

While sound branch members are the only ones who pick the nominees, the entire Academy takes part in picking a winner, with many members having no idea between the two.

If the change goes into effect, it won't happen until next year. Winners will include up to 2 supervising sound editors, a production sound mixer, and up to 3 re-recording mixers.

Tags: #oscars, award show - academy awards

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