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Ian Somerhalder says he lost his virginity at 13, spied on his brother with girls through the window

Ian Somerhalder, 40, spoke a little too openly while visiting SiriusXM’s Radio Andy. When asked, the “It’s My Day!” actor shared that he lost his virginity when he was a teenage model at 13 to a girl who was 16, adding, “It was fun.”

Somerhalder continues by saying that he learned about dating through his older brother. “He taught me a lot, and he was quite a Casanova,” he added. He then admitted that he also learned...uh other things by spying on his brother through his window.

“He used to have girls in his bedroom all the time and what I did was, I went into the bottom corner of his window and I pinched the Venetian blinds. I pinched the blinds down so I’d have a clear view,” Somerhalder explained.

He continued, “When he had girls over — by the way, Louisiana gets cold in the wintertime, it’s freezing — I would go outside, put on all my stuff; my mom thought I was going out to play with the dog. I grabbed my hot chocolate, put on all my clothes, my mittens and stuff, and would watch, and I learned a lot!”


You can listen to the entire exchange about this in the clip above. Or don’t.

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