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The View: Dennis Quaid, Hot Topics

Whoopi is off for a few days. Ronan Farrow is a guest host.

Dennis Quaid

Dennis Quaid talks about his show Merry Happy Whatever on Netflix and his podcast Bear and Banjo

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Joy sets up the clip, plays clip. Joy liked him in Postcards From the Edge and thought he was very funny, makes sense he’d do a comedy role. DQ talks that film, and he just got engaged, married 3 times. DQ says 4th and final, he feels like he just knows. Fiancé has a double masters, in economics and business, getting her PhD. Abby says great, everyone is deserving of love. Mentions his 3 kids. Jack (with Meg Ryan) and 12 yr old twins. Abby tells root canal story. DQ talks having twins. Abby looks at him, figures he’s still alright, she’ll survive [twins]. Meghan mentions son Jack in Plus One and thinks he’s a good actor. DQ doesn’t see Jack following in his footsteps, says Jack's always had it in his blood, tells story about Jack making his own way, making movies as a kid, was in Hunger Games, and Scorcese’s Vinyl, like help your dad out. Sunny brings up his Netflix show, says she and her kids loved it. DQ talks about the show, says he wasn’t asked to do comedy before. Thought he was the weakest member of the cast in the beginning. Comedy is a different kind of acting. Shooting on old Mary Tyler Moore stage. G-rated so anyone can watch it. Sunny quotes him, feeling fear go up his spine. DQ explains how that lets him know he needs to try something different. Says he helps Jack handle rejection, learn to take a lot of No’s. Says it’s hard for anyone to take criticism but this is a champagne problem, this is a good job to have.

Abby moves to podcast, storytelling and music. DQ talks how the podcast evolved, you don’t have to get dressed up, just have a microphone, like old radio shows. Abby does lightning round. Favorite movie he did = The Right Stuff. Best job = former ???, didn’t have any of those (types of) jobs [I couldn't tell what he said]. What would he do if he wasn’t an actor = veterinarian. Best actor role he ever turned down = Big. Doesn’t remember why. Last show that he binged = Breaking Bad. Perfect date night = staying home. He can go out a lot, so he likes to stay home.

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Hot Topic Do You Know What Malarkey Means

Campaign slogans. Ok Boomer. Joy asks audience if they know the word. Mid-level clapping. Ronan googled, tells background. Says Biden is being relatable, along with his interview about having a lifelong stutter. Meghan talks about reaching out to the older generations because they vote at much higher numbers (70%) than younger voters (46%). Abby says media did an investigative study, he’s used the word more in Congress since the 19th century so he’s being honest that he really says it all the time, she says it’s also self deprecating. She likes that side of him since T45 doesn’t know how to be like that (self deprecating). Brings up Kamala, feels like she’s been losing her authenticity [spoiler alert, the panel didn’t know about Kamala dropping out at time of airing]. Sunny disagrees, says one of the reasons, except for Russians, that Hillary lost, is that voters stayed home. Feels candidate needs to invigorate young voters. Abby says instead of Biden try to speak like a young person, he’s speaking his own language. Sunny says he’s polling low with young voters. Meghan says campaign slogans come and go, but after everything, Biden is still polling the highest. Thinks even young voters will look at (hypothetically) T45 vs Biden, they’re going to vote Biden.

Sunny brings up black voter support is older folks for Biden whereas younger black voters support Warren or Sanders. Ronan feels it’s not going to come down to a campaign phrase, it’s about policies. Abby agrees, says Biden called out Mayor Pete for co-opting his (Biden’s) healthcare approach. Some conversation about funerals and Joy’s infamous lasagna. Sunny goes back to younger black vote, crime bill linkage.

Meghan talks about tweets to her from Jill Biden and Joe Biden about the video of him playfully biting Jill’s finger, Meghan likes the natural chemistry they have, believes that will appeal to voters. Abby says it still matters how candidates make you feel. Joy says she’d vote for Chuck E Cheese (over T45).

Hot Topic The Odd Couple George and Kellyanne Conway

This dysfunctional married couple, egads. Kellyanne made fun of Biden on twitter. Her husband George called her out, the first time he used her own tweet against her. Ronan says KAC doesn’t understand what it means to be off-the-record. Recounts her diatribe about her husband, bloop. Panel talks about GC profession and experience. Meghan hates that they’re feuding publicly, what about their kids. Panel debates. Abby is tired of normalizing what this WH does. Mentions attacks on Lt Col Vindman. What is KAC and GC endgame, is she supposed to quit? Ronan says nobody really knows what they’re like behind closed doors. More debate. Abby says we keep normalizing this spectacle. Joy says sometimes we have to laugh because it’s killing us.

Hot Topic More About AGT and Gabrielle Union

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It was also a topic on yesterday's The View

More fallout. Chief Executive from TimesUp speaks out. Howard Stern calls out Simon Cowell. Plays clip. Except for ‘chicks’ he has the premise correct. Ronan talks about his reporting on various networks, thanks to a lot of brave people, it’s very clear there is a systemic cultural problem at NBC but it’s not limited to them. Talks details. Abby wonders if we underestimate the power of men speaking out (on behalf of women), like Stern (calling out his fellow males) is getting heard. Ronan says women who did speak out have faced blacklisting, and we’re still at a point where (people) don’t listen to women enough. Abby says it’s obvious that the cliché don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house remains true. Sunny talks about leadership from the top-down. Ultimately the shareholders are the boss. Ronan talks about a board who protects the individuals, or a family owned leadership hierarchy. Meghan and Sunny remind what GU complaints were. Sunny has some legal remarks blah blah. Joy hopes GU continues to have a successful career and doesn’t face backlash.

Hot Topic CATS Looks Dreadful

From the sublime to the ridiculous. Plays clip. Joy says people think it’s a horror movie. Meghan wonders why the cats have breasts. Abby tells husband story, she loves musicals. Sunny can’t wait to see it. Idris in a catsuit. Ronan challenges the panel to decipher the plot. Joy doesn’t want to pay to watch Dame Judi Dench lick her fur. Ronan says he’d pay anything to see Dame Judy Dench do that.

Ontd do you want to see CATS?

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