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The View: Amy Klobuchar, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Whoopi is off for a few days. Yvette Nicole Brown is a guest host today.

Amy Klobuchar

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[Her segment starts in Impeachapalooza but they move off that to other topics here]

Meghan says blah blah about Mueller, witch hunt, Pelosi was reticent. Amy says she doesn’t agree, cites KY, Louisiana, wonders where he can go next, because people are not having it. Amy says they’re also voting for a values and decency check. Abby’s issue is that impeachment isn’t bipartisan, compares to Clinton. Feels like this is causing us to stay divided. Amy reminds she doesn’t look at polls, she has a Constitutional duty, they (elected GOP) don’t represent where the people are, on so many topics, lists other policy issues. Joy says McConnell will drag out Senate hearings, tying up Amy and other Senator candidates while the non-Senate candidates are free to keep campaigning. Amy is going to rely on surrogates (list names), that’s what she has to do.

Abby brings up Bloomberg, throwing ton of money, polling close to her. Says he wasn’t running because everyone else couldn’t do it. Amy likes an respects Bloomberg, thinks he’s running because he can. She says you shouldn’t allow wealthy people to come in and buy elections. People don’t look at the guy in the WH and think, let’s find someone richer. Talks her fundraising since last debate, grassroots. Sunny brings up gender bias comments, plays clip. Sunny brings up 50% men still grapple with women political leaders. Amy touts her record in MI with steelworkers and doesn’t run on her gender, she runs on her record, but points out there are double standards from media and pundit coverage. Says she’s won in suburban and rural communities, and people know what’s in her heart. Meghan says Amy is a moderate from the middle of the country, how will Amy continue her campaign. Amy says she doesn’t think there is a monopoly on good ideas, says she won’t kick people off their current medical plans.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Joy says T45 won’t participate, or his lawyers, in the House Judiciary hearings this week. Amy says if he was innocent, then he would be represented. She loved President Madison, explains his position on articles of impeachment, also liked him because he was 5’4” like her. Says it’s a global Watergate. Sunny explains the next phase. 50% still support impeachment AND removal, wonders why it isn’t higher. Amy thinks people are still digesting. Doesn’t look at polls, she feels they (Congress) have a Constitutional obligation. Joy says McConnell won’t allow removal no matter what. Amy reminds again that McConnell should be focusing on his job, allowing Senate to vote on countless bills that House has submitted to Senate, lists details. Says why she’s the right candidate. Meghan says Amy is a former prosecutor, asks Amy if she thinks T45 committed a crime. Amy says she wants to look at all the evidence, and you have to look at each count, but what she’s seen is impeachable conduct. It will come over to the Senate. Sunny elaborates on articles of impeachment. Amy discusses further.

Hot Topic Dem Candidate Puff Piece

Two months to Iowa caucuses. Candidates are showing their soft side. Plays clip. Panel thought Biden and Jill clip was cute. Abby tells story about Sanders on Bill Maher years ago. They think Biden and Jill still ~like each other, Joy says Melanie always looks like she’s at a funeral. Wonders how candidate personal moments will play on the campaign trail. Yvette doesn’t like the people at his rallies cheering on how cruel he is. Why are people happy that you’re so distasteful that others block you. Sunny reminds Biden’s intro to campaign was to fight for the soul of our nation. Mentions T45 cutting food stamps, lists impacts, facts, figures. Yvette wonders why it’s wrong to feed people, to care for people. Meghan says blah blah. Abby says her in-laws in FL who are Republican would only consider voting for Biden. Brings up Kamala moment after first debate. Says media talked about that moment and the Dem race very different than how the general public interpreted the same. Yvette says everybody vote.

Hot Topic AGT and Gabrielle Union

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SAG-AFTRA is investigating. Sunny explains background, says she was deemed as a troublemaker. Says she’s married to Dwayne Wade and their status, [paraphrasing] she’s able to carry on, but most people aren’t in a position to speak up like she did, so these things go unreported. Meghan talks about GU social media presence, which is much higher than Simon or Howie, the women keep getting rotated out, but the men stay. Smoking allegation, that’s illegal, so how is that. That she was branded difficult, a siren song that women keep getting treated this way. Yvette says if you have a platform, then you need to use it for good. Abby agrees, says it’s not just NBC, talks about Fox. Joy talks about being fired for previous jobs, because of her mouth. Panel commiserates on their similar situations. Sunny reads statement from Simon Cowell’s company blah blah. Joy asks will he quit smoking indoors because it’s illegal.

Hot Topic Ontd Favorite Boyfriend Wants NDA

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Haha made you look. Pete Davidson and his (pinky next to mouth) million dollar nda if you talk about his comedy show. Joy wonders if he’s going to tour in North Korea. Yvette thinks it’s funny and that it won’t work but laughs that he’s trying. Abby doesn’t think he’s serious but he’s trying to prove a point about cancel culture. Joy wonders who you can counter-sue if he’s not funny. Sunny thinks he’s serious. He shouldn’t be a stand up comic. Meghan says blah blah. Joy says she won’t do a podcast because her mouth would get her in trouble. Abby still feels he’s not serious. Sunny says he’s also taking away people’s smart phones, which she’s ok with, as far as taping or videotaping. Joy says Seinfeld stopped doing college tours for this reason.

Ontd do you stand up for yourself?

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