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The Magicians season 5 trailer

Tags: television - syfy, television promo / stills, the magicians (syfy)

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I don’t even want to watch this after what happened last season tbh. I’m still pressed over their backpedaling at SDCC

Deleted comment

The way he died and how they completely changed who Q was is a damn robbery

ESP since it was clear that Queliot was endgame and how no one knew this until the show aired, and have vocalized this only to say during SDCC they all knew and it was “time” for Q to go all mark ruffalo style
This is exactly how I feel. The first half of the last season was clearly set up to have Alice die in a redemption arc, and shoehorning Q in in her place was sloppy.
after what they did to q, they can keep season 5
i used to watch this week-to-week but after last year's clusterfuck of an ending i'm going to wait until i find out if it's worth watching
I think I'm gonna boycott tbh. S4 ended so fucking terribly, I'm still pressed.
Yeah this show makes me so sad now
I’m conflicted because Eliot and Margo are my faves so of course I want to see them
But I’m not ready for Eliot’s storyline and it’s so much of a reminder of what they could’ve done (or that they should just never have went there with Queliot in s4, I genuinely would’ve preferred that if this was their plan)
all this 100%
I want to watch this for Margo and E but they did my boy Q so fucking dirty. I don’t think I’ll be able to do it - I might wait til the end of the season and see what people thought.

Forever fucking pissed. I know some people didn’t like Q, but out of all the characters I would have knocked out Alice.
I thought Jason was the one who wanted to leave?
he did. there was a bunch of bts drama


1 year ago


1 year ago

Doesn't matter. The way the show (namely its writers) handled his exit--specifically their blatant lack of sensitivity about suicide (going so far as to call it "whimsical")--was abominable.

As far as whose decision it was, I've seen some people claiming Jason supposedly wanting to leave, but since there's been no outright Word Of God confirmation afaik, it's apocryphal at best. Considering how surprised the rest of the cast was, it makes me doubt it was his choice, but even if it was, Gamble, McNamara, and Myers didn't have to be such gleeful pricks about it.
Q was not my fave, but he was the central character that tied them together and got them to work togwther. like please, convince how these characters would ever come together without Q?

yeah i thought the buildup was for alice tbh
people watched this show? the acting was so bad!
it gets better
how many seasons into it?
I'm still angry about Quentin, so keep it.
yeah after what they did to Quentin, I think I’m done
Fuck this show. I’m so over LGBT characters dying all the time.
Justice for Quentin
I want to boycott because of what they did to Q, but I want to keep watching to support Arjun Gupta who's also the only one that can act lol.
He’s so hot 😍
Stella Maeve though.
yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, no q, no care
fuck them
I think I dropped it after season 2. Is it still any good? Mostly watched it for Elliot and Margo.
s3 was the best season imo. s4 starts off strong but the second half is a bit of a mess pacing and plot wise. still worth the watch i'd say, but ymmv and the s4 ending pissed a lot of people off
I think you would be better off reading the book trilogy tbh.
idc, i'm excited! i wasn't happy with q dying but i'm over it now tbh. i love the other characters a lot and based on this trailer i think the show can do fine without him
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