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It's hard to dance with a devil on your back

Patriot Act Explores Billionaire Giving

In the era of billionaires being called out for tax avoidance and reckless spending, Patriot Act explores how billionaire philanthropy isn't necessarily cause for universal celebration.


ONTD, who will you be giving to this #GivingTuesday?
Tags: charity, comedy / comedian, netflix
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If billionaires truly cared about making the world a better place, they wouldn't be billionaires
All that needs to be said
Easypeasy lemon squeezy.
Sums it up perfectly.
*/end post*
as someone who works at a non-profit and still does some fundraising work, I looooooooooooved this episode. DAF's and 501c4's are insane creations that benefit nobody else but the very richest, and I appreciate that he went over those details
Me too. And I'm in the middle of working overtime for my workplace's Giving Tuesday campaign so this was an especially welcome episode.
this episode is fantastic. batman coming up makes so much sense because you know a lot of these fuckers grew up wanting to be him and now think they are in their own way.
Eat the fucking rich. Billionaires shouldn't have the power to decide who lives and dies, what causes are worthy of charity. They aren't gods, but their money might as well give them that power.

Patriot Act remains flawless.
Living for 2019 being the year we turned our back on celebrating billionaires
they'll be helpful in filling our tummies
"You write a lot about attacking the rich but you look like Stanley Tucci in the Hunger Games" omg Hasan don't do Anand like that
Billionaires are not your friend and not to be trusted. The end.
Myself lol. It'll be a long time (if ever) before I'll feel anywhere near comfortable just giving away money.
I'll be giving my landlord my rent.
Ha same.
Billionaires giving money at best = benevolent dictatorships.

Anyway, I’m gonna keep sharing this game on ONTD until everyone has played it:

Includes a nice bit where he calls out Bill Gates.
There's nothing benevolent in accumulating more than your fair share of wealth off the exploitation, oppression, and inequality of others. Billionaires by definition inherently CANNOT be benevolent.
That’s not what benevolent dictators means.... it means the exact opposite. That there is no way for a dictator to be benevolent, hence there is no way for a billionaire gifting their money to be seen as benevolent.
I played it. It was fun. I bookmarked it so I can play it again.
this was good.
Did anyone else listen to his Death, Sex, and Money episode? It was really fascinating. He talked about being a fuckboy post-college in LA, winning his then girlfriend now wife back after being a fuckboy in LA, and how his reporting has effected his family life. It's worth a listen.
Putting in my Spotify queue!