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ONTD Roundup

For the Weekend of November 29 - December 1, 2019:
ONTD Originals:

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I'm trying to find a family doctor so I can have some continuity of care when I start up antidepressants again. I'm a little worried about disclosing my mental health history to someone who is in charge of referrals, as I have a chronic physical condition that hasn't been taken very seriously (I had my diagnosis surgically confirmed and treated in the spring and the surgeon, expert in his field considered one of the top drs in the country for this condition, said I just needed a boyfriend and I'd be cured of my remaining symptoms)

But I feel like most drs under 40 have an understanding that mental and physical health directly influence each other without either being invalid? There's a patient attachment program in my area that's supposed to help people with complex care needs and/or bad previous medical experiences, so I hope they can help
The patient attachment program sounds like a good idea and I hope it works for you.
Xfinity took away TCM from our package because OTHER people weren't watching the channel.

It's really annoying because it's one of the channels I watch the most, especially during the holidays. I JUST WANT IT BACK!

How am I going to watch Shop Around the Corner now?!
Yea I was pissed about that.
The fact that they put it with a fucking sports package is insane.
It makes no fucking sense. I wish they would let us opt into individual channels.


2 months ago

that's fucking bullshit
They did this to my package.

TCM and Investigation Discovery. 😑
Just had my annual eye exam. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 10 and contacts since right before I turned 14 but every year it stresses me out when they ask “Which one’s clearer, 1 or 2?” lmao. I don’t trust my own judgment! (But then ofc my prescription hasn’t changed in years so it’s all good.)

And now I’m gonna go to Bed Bath & Beyond~
lol I'm the same way with the "1 or 2".
lol glad it’s not just me!
I hate that too, it gives me anxiety. If I really can't tell, I just say that they look about the same. Let them do with that what they will haha


2 months ago

i'm on a fellowship to a new country (not the USA I mean) and of course fellowship payments suck so I have a roommate even though I'm old and haven't lived with a roommate for a long time. I just can't deal with her. she's not mean but I just like... I have two dogs and they are really good but what triggers the fuck out of them: Knocking and doorbells. Fortunately no one rings our bell really! However, she comes and knocks on my door... like... a lot... to ask about the stupidest shit. Like, if my door is closed, that might mean LEAVE ME ALONE. Of course tonight knocks on my door, dogs go absolutely crazy, five minutes later when things calm down, asks me to help her open a jar. OPEN A JAR. JUST LIKE... I'm sick and was asleep, also, by the way.

and then she said "just so you know I'm having a friend over" and I was like "oh?" and she was like "Yeah she messaged me this morning and said she needs a place to stay so she's staying for a week" and i was like "oh um that's a long time, is this a good friend?" and she was like "No i only met her once but she's cool" and i was like "a week is a long time for someone you met one time..." and she was like "oh maybe I can ask her to only stay until wednesday" and I was like "Whatever" and left lol
OMG she sounds awful.

Is she really young and naive or something?
this is the thing you'd totally think so, right? no, she's like nearly 30 years old (i'm 31.) I have to admit in my younger years I"m sure I did some stupid shit as a roommate but nowadays I'm like, keep the common areas clean, give a decent heads up if anyone is coming over, and otherwise give me my privacy unless I feel a vibe of "I'd like to chat right now" just like why is this so hard
omg how can one person be like everything bad?? then again this has been most of my experience with roommates besides my own family
Boss is about to spend the rest of the day in my office sitting behind me ugh.

Later bbs <3
I celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday and it was actually pretty good! My boyfriend and I booked a B&B for the occasion, had dinner, fucked, watched Love Actually and then the next day my family came over and celebrated Sinterklaas for the kids

I was going through this thread earlier and pissing myself laughing.

My wife and I re-enact DAVID'S DEAD all the time

If timothee was a girl I feel like people would accuse him of a nose job based off of those two pics lol
ariana grande used to look like brittany murphy
I don't think they know what Paparazzi means.
aw bb zendaya
lol Paul Rudd looking almost exactly the same, just with some grey in his beard.
I asked one of my new-ish friends to hang this week and they said yes. I suggested a day and they haven't responded yet. It's been three days. They were posting on IG etc. I'm kinda just ready to disengage with it b/c we aren't super close friends and I'm already seeing red flags.
I agree that we shouldn't feel obligated to be bound to communicate with people 24/7 but I also feel so many use that an excuse to be flaky. I've also noticed that people like that are usually super demanding and needy when they need you. I can't stand people who can't act like a damn adult and communicate.
I mean I'm not asking for much and also I'm trying to make better relationship choices and I'll just fall back into the same frustration if I just let it pass. It's a simple yes or no and doesn't take 3 days to answer. To add layers this is a friend with benefits. The dick isn't that bomb
Not responding in a timely manner is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Especially this day and age when people are attached to their phones 24/7. Like... bitch I KNOW you saw my text because whenever I see you, you're on your phone...
oop, i did that recently kind of, but it was < 24 of the day we were supposed to meet that she contacted me, at 12am. anyway that's irrelevant but what I mean to say is that if it's been that long without contact i would assume she either planned something else or doesn't want to go thru with it and if she tries to contact you later, be like "you never got back to me". It's not a lie or up to you to keep up with her 🤷
I changed a glade plugin in my house and I must have got some of the juice on my hoodie. I smell like a glade plugin 😬
lmao YEEEEEEARS ago I had a Sweet Pea plugin from Bath and Body Works, but it was too much for me so I took it out and put it on my nightstand. I ended up knocking it over on top of my copy of Helter Skelter, and that book TO THIS DAY smells like fucking Sweet Pea. It's kind of hilarious.

i wanna move to canada :(
Sick of being told "it could be worse" when I air my frustration with something. Shit doesn't fucking help.. at all.

Thought I found a cool place for hiring fancy clothing, only for the clothes on offer being drab and sad as hell. Fine, I'll come up with something by myself.
If you're in the US there Rent the Runway.
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