Amanda Hugginkiss (toxic_illusion) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Amanda Hugginkiss

ONTD Roundup

For the Weekend of November 29 - December 1, 2019:
ONTD Originals:

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sometimes i just get frustrated and wonder why i should care about the world in general when it's so much easier to just focus on my little bubble as i continue to use single use utensils at work because there's a huge box...
cool cool my doctor's office says the pharmacy got my new prescription, my pharmacy says they have no record of this
That shit is ridiculous, can you get the pharmacy to contact the dr again to have them fax it a second time?
The nurse is going to call it in
fuckers better have my meds
I have five zits on my face now, which is the worst break out I've ever had in my life. Booooo. Acne in your 30s should be illegal.
As soon as I turned 31 my face broke the fuck out. TO Niacinamide + Zinc is a godsend 🙌🏽
Planning a trip to Key West. Suggested to the bf that we don't spend a lot on Christmas gifts for each other and use it for the trip.

The only thing I am annoyed/worried about is some of his family lives in the Tampa area. They want us to visit them for a day or two. It is out of the way and we have to buy am extra set of plane tickets. I just am afraid if we don't go we are going to look like bad guys. But it really is inconvenient.
That’s ridiculous. It’s nowhere near convenient!
I think so too. I think they should buy us the tickets to Tampa if they want us to come 😂
Haha, it does sound like that!
I've seen this a few times and I laugh every single time.
i love the whole vibe of this video lmao
One of my cats loved to be held like a baby, full on curled up in my arms while I pat her fuzzy little rump. WHY IS SHE SO CUTE. I can't handle it.
my dog loves being held like that. he's a weirdo but I love him sfm
it's too precious and cute
Omg my cat used to love being held like a baby too! I used to prop her up on my hip with one hand so she could look over my shoulder while I was doing stuff around the house and she loved that shit. Cats are so weird
omg pics of this sweetie pls
omg my cousins and I were talking about My Fave Murder over Thanksgiving AND ONE OF THEM JUST GOT ME A FAN CULT MEMBERSHIP

Aww, that's so sweet.
Jealous! I've been debating on getting myself a membership. I don't know what all it entails to decide if it's worth it or not though.
No therapy this week. I'm making progress but I'm also relieved because it's a lot
I really hope they close the office early for snow.
i dream of the day when the stars can cease their warring and just get along
i'm screaming, i think the boots i bought on black friday are actually making my feet colder!!! i feel warmer in my adidas sneakers lmao. i feel like i bought the right size! maybe i'm wearing the wrong socks?? idk
nooo what
Oh no! What kind of boots are they?
I'm dying my hair either this week or next week and I'm super excited. I'm gonna be a ginger. I've been a blonde forever so I thought changing it up would be nice.
There's a Great Pyrenees for adoption near me. Why must my apartment be so small. Look at him!

adopt the dog, let him live in your apartment, you can rent the neighbouring apartment and live in that one!!!!
Want to hug
they are the sweetest dogs in the world. my aunt had one and her dog just loved be near you and keep you company. She was the best dog ever. It's so sad because they such a larger breed they don't live that long.
i love him, i had a mix once. pyrenees are good dogs, they're also better livestock dogs lol
I need 3 friends on PokemonGo for a task. And trade a pokemon.
The Greatest Showman will be on a bit, it better be as entertaining as La Casa de las Flores.
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