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ONTD Roundup

For the Weekend of November 29 - December 1, 2019:
ONTD Originals:

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Hillary Clinton was on Graham Norton with Chelsea...?
The carrot cake cupcakes I got for Thanksgiving were so good, I think I'll end up going back to the same place for Christmas dessert.
I had cut my finger pretty badly and called the guy I had dated earlier this year/last year in panic but the only thing he texted back was that he was at work. and he never even asked me if I was okay :(

last friday (three weeks later), he texted me "happy thanksgiving".. I don't know what is wrong with him. But I feel good that I can be the one ghosting now lmao

my therapist insinuated that I was in the wrong tho because I only reach out to him when I need help now/ "in crisis mode". I think I'm finally!! over it as I don't feel tempted at all to respond.
Why would you text him about your finger?
Good on not contacting him again
Finally seeing Queen & Slim tonight -- I'm excited, but smh @ them trying to hide the fact that James Frey wrote the story. Why does he still get to do stuff?!
happy monday! it's been an eventful few days for me:

- old (horrible) roommate moved out tuesday
- new (wonderful, hopefully she stays this way) roommate moved in sunday
- had friendsgiving and had tons of leftovers
- went to one of my fav restaurants on saturday before doing some shopping
- did more online shopping at home
- got my room all nice and organized
- had a nice sunday with my bf
hell yes look at everything coming together
right?? everything's coming up colorstoobright! and i love it!
sounds like you leveled up!


1 year ago

We got a foot of snow yesterday. I'm trying to switch my work shift and they won't let me. :(

We're having a bake sale at work today. I hope these sell.
You can send them to me if they dont
omg these look amazing!
I'd buy them!
they look great!
those look so good! 😵
I spent all day driving yesterday so I definitely don't feel well-rested from break
I always hated that part about holidays. People who live in the same city as their families actually get to take it easy.
I didn't spend as much as I thought with all the black friday deals so I splurged at Petsmart and bought a shit ton of dog toys. My dog is very happy.
A customer called me a cunt yesterday bc apparently I didn’t put enough cheese on her sample. I fucking hate work. I applied to work at a vet clinic and have an interview on Saturday. I hope it works out. I’m so over customer service. It’s sucking the life out of me.
I wish you could retaliate without getting in trouble when customers or so rude
people are the worst
What the fuck? Did you have her kicked out?

And good luck with the interview!
She left before my manager came over. she was an old lady too which caught me off guard. :/
Wowwww fuck them
what in the actual fuck. i'm so sorry bb
on her sample?
bitch it's free!


1 year ago

WOWWWWW fuck them. Customer service is hell. Hope you get something way better soon!!
wtffff. I'm sorry, people are awful.
i got my bf a projector for xmas/his birthday (12/27) because he doesnt have a tv and we always end up watching movies on a laptop when i'm at his place which is just sad :(

but now i'm second guessing myself bc i keep seeing other ones pop up and i didnt do /that/ much research when purchasing (even tho the one i got has good reviews??)
the market is oversaturated with tech stuff, there's no objective best choice here. i'm sure you found one that works best for your/his situation and he'll love it! great gift!
I need a new water bottle and I can't decide between a Klean Kanteen (which I've had before) or a hydro flask. ONTD, help me decide!
Initially this snow storm was supposed to be last night into today, but apparently it's stretching out into tomorrow too. We should be getting around 8 inches by the time it's done. 😫
Ughhhh. It's been snowing and rainy here. I haven't left my apartment all weekend.
We got a foot here and more to come!
I watched Parasite last night because I found...a way.

The movie is INSANE! Oh my god. I expected none of it.
Right?! I'm so glad I went in knowing next to nothing. It's def making my top 10 list.
I was so glad I went into that movie only knowing the general premise (poor con arty family cons rich naive one for jobs) and not the rest of it because everything from the middle of the movie on was one big "" It was so good!


December 2 2019, 18:46:20 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 18:46:48 UTC

[Spoiler (click to open)]The previous nanny coming back and the revealing that whole sub basement was insane. I felt so tense after that. Then the PARTY! That party went so completely off the rails. I definitely thought the son was dead, especially after getting hit with the rock twice.
my parents are renovating their house and it's looking SO good based on the pics they've sent me. i want to see it irl so badly! everything is shiny and white and new.
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