Amanda Hugginkiss (toxic_illusion) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Amanda Hugginkiss

ONTD Roundup

For the Weekend of November 29 - December 1, 2019:
ONTD Originals:

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Why is the first day back to work after a holiday/vacation always the worst??? There's so much crap I need to deal with today, I just want to go back home.
because everything's piled up and everyone's scrambling
It sucks. I've gotten 4 emails asking for appointments at noon tomorrow. Why TOMORROW?! Stop. I have an entire week.
ugh for real
I have been betrayed by Alanis Morissette. Imagine doing a 25th anniversary tour for Jagged Little Pill and having only one date in all of Canada and that one date not being Ottawa. I went to a mall to support her once. I will never forget this betrayal.
I went to a mall to support her once. I will never forget this betrayal.

lol, but yeah, I'd be mad, too!! maybe she'll release more dates??

I didn't realize she was touring JLP until your comment, and saw that in LA, she's playing the Hollywood Bowl! Holy shit. I love that album but I wouldn't have expected her to have that kind of pull, tbh!
Ugh the Toronto date is at the amphitheatre. Barf
Right? It's an awful venue. To pay for a trip to Toronto to see her at the amphitheatre is not something I am interested in doing.


2 months ago

I watched several movies this past weekend:
- Klaus: I thought it was really cute and it made me cry. I wasn't expecting those feels.
- A Quiet Place: I thought it was done well but I couldn't suspend reality to let the story unfold. The parents willingly opted to have a newborn in a world where monsters are triggered by the slightest noise. A newborn just cries and their answer was to keep the newborn in a soundproof box with oxygen?? And the dad was such a dick to the daughter.
- Species: Classic 90s take on "strong female character." Also the SFX budget must have ran out bc the last 10 minutes - Where was the effort?
Yeah I think a quiet place was really ruined by the fact that they got pregnant after the invasion

I think she should have just been pregnant when the invasion started and then you could have the exact same movie but without hating the parents so much
I think she should have just been pregnant when the invasion started and then you could have the exact same movie but without hating the parents so much

Yes! It would have made the movie more compelling. Like really, you want to have a screaming baby or a non-stop talking toddler in this world? In this economy?
yes! I honestly don't know why this wasn't the case.
I watched species as a kid (one of them at least I know it had some sequels) and the only part I remember is her eating a bunch of pudding cups lol


2 months ago

I don't think that was oxygen? I think it was like a sedative like laughing gas to keep the baby mellow?

I just saw Species recently and the CGI is AWFUL at the end.

I watched Klaus this weekend too! It was pretty sweet and felt like a Tom Burton-lite in the beginning.


2 months ago

I watched Klaus last weekend, and I wasn't expecting the feelings either. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
lowkey obsessed with the sims university right now lmao
last week was the longest fucking week ever. i am exhausted.
I wish I still had a physical Penzey’s store near me. I just need to suck it up and pay for shipping.
I love spicy ramen but the fire ramen I had earlier was awful. I love my spicy food but not the lip burning sensation.
Yeah I tolerate some level of lip burning for the taste, but some things are spicy just for the sake of being hot without actually having flavor, and I hate that.
omg! ive had that too. like how can food be spicy AND bland
I'm trying to figure out if I want to spend New Years in Prague, Vienna, Slovakia, or Budapest
Budapest or Prague would be lit; just be careful of the bars you go to in Prague and ignore the shills on the street.
Ok, I will keep that in mind. Thanks! :)
I'd pick Prague or Budapest. I've been to Prague and loved it and have always wanted to go to Budapest.


2 months ago

I'm living in Vienna at the moment! it depends on what experience you want. I heard New Year's is crazy here... I think if it were me I might choose Budapest... Prague is just sooo crazy as a "party city" already that I can't imagine an even bigger party scene (unless that's your thing.)


2 months ago

I've been talking to a guy on Bumble who seems a little overeager but otherwise harmless (way better than another guy I started talking to who asked if I was a "liberal who actually had a sense of humor" before making fun of people who get bent out of shape about Trump) and he was asking about my plans for this week, since I had to cancel on him last Friday due to illness, and I mentioned I was going to a show on Wednesday so he just... invited himself along? That's weird, right? The only way I could've stopped it after I said I was going alone was to be like "yeah and I want to go alone" and that felt a bit rude at the time but then he just asked me who was playing and then said he'd see me there

like cool I guess that'll be a more interesting experience than if I go alone, and hey I probably won't have to pay for my own drinks, but that's so weird and I'm partly dreading having to meet this man now. But I can't exactly cancel because then one or both of us would be out a ticket to a show that I actually do want to see

Suspended comment

Ask him a day earlier or later while explaining you don't want to go together? If he is sensible he will get that.
was he already going or actually into whoever is playing? bc that's weird tbh
he was def not already going, after I told him who the band was he went and listened to their music and was like "yeah this sounds great I'm in!" even though again... I had not explicitly invited him
Ehhhh....not sure about this dude.
honestly? no. i don't like this. be careful and if you can explain to him that you want to go alone, please do. i understand it might be awkward, but you owe him nothing.
that's def a push of boundaries - not the best way to start off things. What was your response?
mmm i saw what you said down-thread and that sounds... not super cool? like he LITERALLY invited himself but this was not an event you intended him to be at and you both could have just rescheduled a different date? Idk i'm getting not red flags but like yellow lol
Happy Monday everyone! Nothing like spending a rainy and snowy day off like cleaning. I have so much laundry to do. I'm grateful that my parents have a washer and dryer in the house. If not, if spend the extra money and drop it off.
My body decided to rebel around 4 am Friday and I got a stomach bug...or food poisoning...or something. I couldn't keep anything down (including WATER) and spent the whole day in and out of sleep. Because I ended up in the hospital last time this happened, I tried Ensure and proceeded to live off ensure until yesterday.
I know I scared my niece because I came down to try and socialize and promptly threw up in the sink. So instead of gaining weight from Thanksgiving, I've lost 3 pounds. Lol.

My appetite has returned this morning but I'm still wary because it's so sensitive. I'm at the point where I feel like I've only had about 500 calories of real food over the last 3 days. (which is basically true)
Aw damn. I hope you feel better soon. Can you at least have ginger tea or peppermint tea to soothe your tummy?
Tea sounds great, especially in this weather.

Except I have none here at work or a mug. Lol
oh no I'm so sorry. How horrible!
Back at work and having a shit day after a 4 day weekend.

[Spoiler (click to open)]On Wednesday, I get my rent statement from my landlord. He had emailed me back in September saying my lease was up in December. He said I could keep the current rate and just had to get renters insurance. I said this was fine. He sent me an electronic lease back in September which I never got around to signing. I stopped by the office sometime in November and signed the new lease. I just signed in all of the highlight spots without looking it over. I have lived with them for 5 years and have never had an issue. I live in a small complex. There's only 16 of us and I have constantly referred people living there. Two of which who are currently living there now.
So my rent statement had my rent raised by 50 bucks. I emailed him saying that there was a mistake. He told me that his boss had apparently sent out a notification in October saying the rent would go up. I told him that I know what everyone else pays and my apartment had not received any upgrades and that rate is the upgraded price. (My apartment is in a great location and is very cheap for Austin. I realize I don't have a lot of room to negotiate.)
So that's how I started off the day.

On top of that, I went out with friends over the weekend. One of them is in charge of recruiting & placement for Indeed. I asked him what the industry average is for my position. I'm making 10k under that. I haven't received a raise since I started my job in August 2018. I just feel shitty and dumb. I feel like I'm not worth making more and that's that. This is my first career so I'm not even confident in my role. I have a lot of downtime, but I have been told that's accounting. I don't know. But in my ideal world, I get a raise because my company thinks I'm worth it which I get doesn't happen. But at least get me up to industry average.
I have been crying on and off for the past few hours because life sucks right now and I'm a dumbass for not asking for more money and signing something without reading it. I can't even go home from work because it's month end and this is one of the few times I'm useful.
I started talking to this guy on Tinder and he's a submissive who likes to serve. So looks like I'm gonna get my pussy eaten AND get my bathroom cleaned.

Suspended comment

lol, I'm finally getting what I deserve.
living the dream!


2 months ago

hopefully not at the same time!
Came to get my background check for my new job. Hope it goes well 👀
My high school reunion was on Saturday and thankfully it was pretty much a non-event lol. Thinking about high school recently has made me realize that I wasn't actually that happy there so I wasn't thrilled about going, but I didn't really ~~reconnect~~ with people, I just hung out with my same small friend group. My favorite part was how all of us were like "yeah, I sat in my car in the parking lot for at least five minutes just anxious af before walking in" lmao

Today it's gross af and nobody better come in - I need to spend the day online shopping but not actually buying anything!

Suspended comment

omg that sounds TERRIBLE. tbh I only went to mine so everyone could see my gay glow-up lmao
Ha, my class did the same shit! I think the girl that was supposed to plan it ended up moving to NY and ignored everyone so the people that organized it thought a BBQ at the park would be a great idea . Only friends of the organizers showed up.
I don't know who really goes to reunions anymore in this day and age.

I didn't go to mine and don't regret it. The only people who went were the super successful people who wanted to rub their success in classmates faces.
I went to mine this summer and it was fun tbh, but it also wasn't quite as ~big~ as I'd expected. It felt a bit anticlimactic and I'd expected more people to show up. Idk, I guess over the years I'd just built it up in my head and thought that there'd be all sorts of cinematic moments of ~reconnection~ lol
Huh. Mine is in 2021 (It took me 4 minutes to figure out how to type that), and I can't imagine going simply bc I have a better use of my money.


2 months ago

Mine was this past summer and legit only the popular kids went. They were the ones who planned it and they forgot to invite like half our class. Mess lol
lol I skipped my high school reunion. No way was I paying my actual money to fly back to that horrible place to hang out with people I don't like. Seems like only about 30 people went anyways so whatever.
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