Amanda Hugginkiss (toxic_illusion) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Amanda Hugginkiss

ONTD Roundup

For the Weekend of November 29 - December 1, 2019:
ONTD Originals:

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My husband's out of town til Wednesday night. :/ So sad the four day weekend flew by like that, I love having him at home.

I might go see some movies he wasn't particularly interested in seeing, but otherwise, it's looking like a pretty chill week. At least it's not freezing cold this morning!
What movies are on your watch list right now bb? I hope the time goes by fast!

Still need to see Queen & Slim, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Dark Waters, The Report, and I am probably forgetting a few more. But this upcoming Friday isn't a big release day, so I have basically til next Thursday to get caught up before a whole new group of movies gets released.


1 week ago

Baby Yoda is like a drug, I'm counting down to Friday for my next fix.
Thank you!
basically me every week! i don't want this season to end D:


1 week ago


1 week ago

I look forward to everyone's recap of what baby yoda did and the gifs
I would die for him
After little dude #2 came, I was 99.9999999% sure I was done with kids due to costs, schedules, planet dying, etc. But bb yoda makes me want to have babies. I told my husband he better get snipped bc there's more mandalorian episodes coming.
He is my life now.
He is defining Christmas 2019 tbh.
I have had FOUR sex/romantic dreams about a coworker. Wtf is my brain doing stop it! I feel so awkward when I interact with them now.
Would I rather not be in there US for the month of October or November?
Next year?

(Well, DUH next year, self.)

Frankly depends on when you get her November. October/first week of Nov. is election season, smack in the middle of it.
I'm trying to decide what's worse, the pre-election bs, or the post-election bs. Especially coming from a swing state, that usually fucks it up. I'm tempted to early vote and then try to peace out of the US, so I can at least be somewhere else.
October will just be annoying because last minute political bullshit.
November will just be the aftermath + anger for the past 4 years.


1 week ago


1 week ago

Good morning ONTD! I’m going to CVS after work to buy a bunch of crap because I have a 30% off coupon and I’m super stoked. /boring grownup
all i want for lunch are hot dogs but i'm too tired to get out of bed and drive to sheetz to get them :(
I love Sheetz
Does anyone have suggestions for good quality dark chocolate that would be a good gift? I'm at a loss for what to get my mom for Christmas/her birthday (which ofc are the same day) so I'm thinking something like that.
Have you gone to Trader Joe's?
We don't have one in my city :( Next time I go to the Alamo, I might swing by though. I was just planning on ordering online tbh.
Valhrona makes delicious dark chocolate. You can usually find it at Whole Foods and Trader Joes.


1 week ago

I like Lake Champlain chocolates, idk if they have like a standard assorted box but they'd probably have giftsets on their site.


1 week ago

green & blacks! soooooo fucking good. i dunno how that would fare as an actual gift, but ive never had better dark chocolate.


1 week ago


1 week ago


1 week ago

If you're in Canada, you could prob try to find one of these Canadian chocolate winners.

And if you're from the US, there are some US companies on here too that sell online, or might be close to you (it's a crap shoot, but I saw a place from MA, NC, FL, etc. which has surprised me). Chocolate world final


1 week ago

What's the most you'd spend on a plane ticket for a 24 hour trip?
Well there wound have to be a really really good reason for me to get plane tickets just for a 24 hour trip, so assuming there was a really really good reason probably like $500
A wedding
$0 because I wouldn't do it
How close are you to the people? If you're close to them, $500. If not, it's not worth the effort to me.


1 week ago

nothing, but companies have done that for me in the past for press/business reasons
The person I’m dating is getting me NSYNC UNO for Christmas and I’m so hype 😭 I’ve been wanting this game for AGES and found one at a good price but haven’t gotten around to buying it and I had a very loud (across the apartment lol) suggestion to not buy it for myself

What’s on yalls wishlists for the holidays?
There's NSYNC UNO????

I want a job :( preferably remote.
Y E S! It comes with a CD! I had it as a kid

I hope you get that job you want bb! And thank you so much for giving me resources so I can get my current one 💖


1 week ago

Awww, that's cute!!

I honestly have no idea what I want this year, I need to find some Christmas spirit, stat.


1 week ago

A smart watch.

What I'm getting is an Instapot/air fryer duo. I'm not upset about it since I did ask for that when the smart watch got vetoed.

Yet my brother asked for Timberland boots.
nsync uno sounds amazing
I have that and Justin's ramen curls are the best.

I don't really want anything this year except maybe a new job. heh.
This guy I apparently matched with on Tinder messaged me Saturday night, and we started chatting well into Sunday. He seems pretty cool, and we're planning on meeting for drinks sometime this week. I'm cautiously optimistic about this
Hope it goes well!!!
Hope he doesn't suck!

Hello darkness my old friend...

the ontd post of his candidacy announcement is probably one of the dreariest posts in the archive to go back and read


December 2 2019, 19:18:56 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 19:19:33 UTC

i mean this literally a tweet from a pro cpc account



December 2 2019, 19:31:19 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 19:31:59 UTC

okay but i cant figure out how to embed just tiktoks :/
Almost done with Christmas shopping and I am relieved but also irritated that I have any left. I love buying gifts for people but my boyfriend’s family has so many people we’re expected to buy gifts for and it’s made me kind of bitter about the whole thing.
ugh that sucks bb, I’m sorry you’re in that situation! It sucks when you’re expected to get gifts for people when it shouldn’t be an expectation
That sounds annoying. I always hear of bigger families doing secret santa which sounds like a reasonable request when there are a lot of people.

I've had this song in my head all morning.
Perfect timing for Alanis' JLP anniversary tour!
God this album is so good.
I’m on a huge Jenny slate kick

I watched like ten YouTube videos of her on talk shows yesterday and then watched obvious child (meh) and her Netflix special (I liked it)
I love her so much. I'm surprised you felt meh about Obvious Child, it's one of my favourite movies. And she's so adorable in her Netflix special. I just want to give her a hug.
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