Amanda Hugginkiss (toxic_illusion) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Amanda Hugginkiss

ONTD Roundup

For the Weekend of November 29 - December 1, 2019:
ONTD Originals:

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can't wait to get my bumper sticker based off of yesterday's events;

I'll never forgive gibbo
Does someone wanna de-Brit this for me and explain who Gibbo is? :\ sry we're dumb over here
A dude named Gibbo in (apparently) a private chat group of Buckingham Palace guards said that the queen died of a heart attack yesterday (...I think yesterday, I'm in America myself so the time is different).



4 months ago

Thank the fuck, vork vould have been a nightmare today. She better vait till Sunday, vhen I'm finished vith night shifts.
I didn't really believe it, so I was not at all surprised to see zero news about it this morning.
It's been going not too shabby. I've done most of my shopping already for people, so I'm good to go. Haven't decorated yet because I'm painting my floor in my main house, but I'm almost done so once I am, I can get my tree up which I'm excited to do this year. Mentally, I'm trying to keep in good spirits since this will be the first Christmas without my dad and not dwell on that.
Decorating and shopping are almost done but the early darkness is getting to me, even with taking vitamin D and using my SAD lamp. I also really need to get winter tires on my car, the roads are a mess.
my mental well-being has improved. thanks, ONTD!
My shopping is about half done. I find gift buying so stressful; I'm always so worried about getting the right stuff for people.
i'm not doing christmas shopping this year but i'm going over to my moms tomorrow and we're gonna decorate all day.

as for mental well being, i'm still unemployed so its been rough over the past few months. hoping for a more productive new year!
Someone in my neighbourhood didn't want a perfectly good fake mini Christmas tree so I dragged it home and asked the landlords if they wanted it.

It's now in the hallway all decorated and cute. An early x-mas miracle!
aw! :))
Lil Bub died. 😢

RIP Bub :(
Oh NO :(
So sad!
Aww, that's so young! :(
:( rip bub

very surprised to see they'd been hawking the crap out of cbd products tho lol, was not expecting that at all
Oh no. And we shared a birthday! Fly high, Lil Bub.
2019 taking all the meme cats :( so sad
RIP, 9 is so young.
I came into the Roundup to post this. I'm so sad. :( Bye, Lil Bub. <3
Gibbo was right, we lost a QUEEN
Nooooo first Sporty the Dog and now Lil Bub :(
Awww so many internet animals passed away this year :(
aw, rip beautiful kitty
omg no :(
Omg :(
Eddie Johnson got fired and I can't stop cackling - I really thought he was gonna get away with his "sleeping in his car because of new medication" bs
No fucking way - I guess he thought calling for his own investigation on himself would save him.
Yep, and then he probably figured it would be forgotten after his retirement announcement.

Bye Felicia.
i'm always ready and excited for a good CPD drag tbh. Growing up on the South Side in a neighbourhood full of police and fire dept workers it made me hate the police so fucking much. They are biggest fucking racists I ever met in my whole life. Their hate rhetoric, their family repeats like the bible. Just because you see the worst in the city doesn't mean everyone in that area or that race are all like that it pisses me the fuck off. I grew up in a CFD family and honestly my pops always told me if I needed help and wanted to feel safe go to the firehouse not the police department. lmao.
The clown came back to bite
Went to my works holiday party and had so much fun!!! I couldn't drink or eat much bc of my allergies/ibs but I got to talk to my coworkers more and also decorate some stuff that theyre gonna put up in our store! I also got a GREAT white elephant gift lmao. I got a xenomorph sticker, a totoro sticker and a bag of "fucks" to hoard lmao.

but now my throat hurts. it's all scratchy and my chest hurts so I think I caught something :( praying I dont get sick.
It's so wet outside. It's been raining since Thanksgiving.

Our koi pond was in danger of overflowing yesterday so my dad set up a makeshift siphon with a hose to get the level lowered. The creek behind our house is now a small river and there are various roads on the way to work that are flooded.

Oh man
holy moly
LOL I didn't read that you said it was raining and thought your dad flooded the roads by accident lol
Lmao that's funny.
I don’t know what to get anyone for Christmas anymore, everyone is older and it’ like can I just give ppl gift cards?
Have you asked?
They keep saying I don’t know


4 months ago

Ugh, I know there's is no age to get married or timeline I have to meet but I still have some of those thoughts ingrained in my head.
We can only fight our programming so much
Ugh same. I've basically given up hope I'll ever get married and have kids at this point. I can't seem to keep a guy interested in me for like more than a month. It sucks because I really do want kids but I don't have the financial stability to be a single mother.
I missed you guys <3

We have a fucking AUDIT tomorrow first thing in the morning so the stress is high and real.

MCR concert is the week after next tho and I can't believe it AAAHHHH!!!
Me reading about your excitement for the MCR show lead me to have dream that they announced a Chicago gig and I didn't get tickets and I was so pressed in my dream lmao /cool story bro.
Oh god noooo lmao Honestly WHEN they announce the tour (because we all know they will) I'm praying that tickets aren't such a hassle to get. I got extremely lucky af for this one.
Please review it for us 😭😭 Im so excited for you!!!


4 months ago

yasssssssssss girl


4 months ago

I had to move offices today to only find out there is no HVAC in this office aka there is no heat/air. I'm in Chicago I need fucking heat. I yelled at the building manager and he did absolutely nothing. Pardon me while I use my real estate knowledge to go fight people with tenant heat laws lol
what the fuck
that's illegal
Oh I know it is. I can recite Chicago real estate laws in my sleep. Before I start any shit I have to talk to the owner of my company. Until then I will freeze my ass off all the while having a really bad cold. yay me.


4 months ago

Suspended comment

Stawwwp. So cute.
Yay :D

Suspended comment


4 months ago

aw, hooray!
Aw I hope you can get a job closer to him soon so you can move!
Awwwww. So cute.
I got my tickeTS for my UK extravaganza. I'm judging myself for setting The Cursed Child but at least I got cheap seats lol
that is also on my potential list if I decide to do a UK trip! are you seeing anything else?
I was thinking about trying to see a Shakespeare play, but honestly, I just need to look ahead. It's why I put going to London off for so long, because I knew I would have to plan in advance, and I just haven't been able to get around to it.
Also, I learned over the weekend that not only do I and my sister (who's a bit bigger than me) now fit in American Eagle jeans, but they're also super comfy!

Old Navy finally has competition.
omg, I used to love AE jeans but once I got fat, even though I still could technically fit their larger sizes, they stopped being comfy/fitting well. This gives me hope!
tbf I should specify it was the jeggings we tried! I'm somewhere between a 14 and a 16 depending on the jeans (mostly because I have like, size 12/14 legs but a size 16 gut lol) and the super high waisted ones were really comfy :) They stretched well and didn't dig into my gut when I did the sitting test.

I'd say try them out! (for reference my sister is fitting into a solid 22 rn)


4 months ago

idk if it was because i was buying jeggings over real 'jeans', but my thick thighed self couldnt make a pair from AE last more than 3 months without getting holes in the inner thigh region :( they were my go to for years and years


4 months ago


4 months ago

I recently went back to AE Jean's and they're my favorite pair now. The only thing I wish is that they had more options without holes in them.
I love AE, my only regret is that just bought jeggings because I loved my old AE jeggings that only ripped because I fell and ripped the knees, I think i should have stuck with skinny jeans.
I need to apply to a job I'm not qualified for
Do it with the confidence of a mediocre white male fam

You can do it!!
I gotta write a long cover letter
Incompetent white men do that all the time. You are more than capable.
echoing comments here: just have the confidence of a mediocre white man, and you'll do great!
Seriously, the stats on women underestimating themselves while men overestimate themselves in applying for jobs is insane. Fake it till you make it!!
fake it til you make it sis
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