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Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper Being Considered for Batman in the Joker Sequel?

Bradley Cooper is allegedly an early contender for Batman in Todd Phillips’ Joker sequel, they had previously worked together on the Hangover movies. The sequel will jump forward several years and will be ignoring the age difference between Joaquin Phoenix and the child Bruce Wayne set up in the first film because who cares about continuity.

Another contender is Ryan Gosling, who currently has no projects lined up, he has been on hiatus for over a year to spend time with his family. Gosling, despite being a hot get for the Marvel and DC universes for several years (he turned down both Suicide Squad Joker and Doctor Strange, and was seen having lunch with Taika Waititi a few months ago), seems to have an open resistance to superhero films so it'll be interesting if he signs up.

The source also broke the news that The CW was forming an Arrow spinoff back in March and a Joker sequel was arriving a month before it was confirmed. But of course, it's all rumors right now.

Tags: #tiff18, batman, bradley cooper, casting / auditions, film - in development, joaquin phoenix, rumors / gossip, ryan gosling
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Two different Batman franchises going on at the same time after yet another reboot didn’t fly... ffs. They really refuse to stop for two seconds to work their shit out


December 2 2019, 18:29:42 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 18:30:43 UTC

no! i didn't even want a damn Joker sequel. we've been talking about this on my podcast for the past few weeks. this movie did great, and people generally enjoyed it. why not break the mold and just start a whole villain series..not involving Batman. they could do Joker, Catwoman, Penguin etc as stand alone films since they did this one well. there are so many villains the DC universe who have awesome backstories that don't need Batman.
I would enjoy this. I really like Clayface's backstory especially on Batman the Animated Series.

The only thing is I don't know if they would be able to do it right. Don't want it to end up being like the Dark Universe Universal films, i.e. the Mummy (Tom Cruise).
From what I understand, this story is totally fake. The rumor was created simply because The Joker made so much money. I don't think WB is seriously considering it, since they do plan to do what you suggest, which is get Batman relaunched with Pattinson and then spin off the other characters/villains into their own movies which could also possibly be franchises, like Catwoman.
I want more Daddy Gosling on screen but not as Batman, besides the Joker does not need a sequel
The look in that thumbnail is very "Mad World" lmao
He's so fed up lol
wgtc is fake news trash.
A bit OT but The Flash movie is dead. Isn’t it?
Get Pete Davidson.
Enough 🗣 How many Batman/Joker movies do we need???
Two actors playing the same role in two separate franchises is exactly what I would expect of DC/WB.
This is definitely not Ryan's style. I would love to see him cast as a villain in something one day though. Although the movie wasn't great, I found him creepy as fuck in All Good Things. He really does have great range.

I would also love a Nice Guys sequel. One of the best comedies in recent years.
Oh! I thought poor Edward Cullen got sacked...
end this

So Bruce is going to fight an old man?
Batman vs the boomer

Fucking pump the brakes man. Enough with Batman for a while.
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