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Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper Being Considered for Batman in the Joker Sequel?

Bradley Cooper is allegedly an early contender for Batman in Todd Phillips’ Joker sequel, they had previously worked together on the Hangover movies. The sequel will jump forward several years and will be ignoring the age difference between Joaquin Phoenix and the child Bruce Wayne set up in the first film because who cares about continuity.

Another contender is Ryan Gosling, who currently has no projects lined up, he has been on hiatus for over a year to spend time with his family. Gosling, despite being a hot get for the Marvel and DC universes for several years (he turned down both Suicide Squad Joker and Doctor Strange, and was seen having lunch with Taika Waititi a few months ago), seems to have an open resistance to superhero films so it'll be interesting if he signs up.

The source also broke the news that The CW was forming an Arrow spinoff back in March and a Joker sequel was arriving a month before it was confirmed. But of course, it's all rumors right now.

Tags: #tiff18, batman, bradley cooper, casting / auditions, film - in development, joaquin phoenix, rumors / gossip, ryan gosling
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ugh get rid of bradley completely he's no fit for any role
Lmao he's honestly one of the most overrated actors to me, not as bad as Jeremy Renner but he's up there
I'm sure this makes sense to all the DCU and even the Marvel heads out there, but to a casual observer like me, the fact that there will be two different actors playing two different version of batman in two separate movies is kind of disorienting. I just feel like one will cannibalize the other.
100%, you couldnt pat me to see two different batmen, and do they have enough fans fill seats for both?
Idk I'm okay with DC just making standalone films or standalone trilogies. But I'm over superheroes so w/e tbh.
i really liked bradley circa SLP, but his new face is atrocious so hard pass on seeing it on my screen tbh
I will PERSONALLY go up to whoever fucking casts ugly talentless pendejo Bradley Cooper and punch the living FUCK out of whatever reproductive parts they have.


MTE Bruce Wayne doesn't need this disrespect
cardcaptor sakura <3
So Joker actually IS like every other superhero franchise
Yes it is. DC stans were literally crowing and I was just like "Wait for it. As soon as The Joker starts raining cash, a sequel will come about" we are.
It's all about the cash
omg make it stop
Why does Ryan gosling look like that in that still
There is nothing appealing about having these A+ listers play Batman.
DC needs to chill on all these versions of the same character
Bcoop has the most undeserved career out of all the undeserved A list white men careers. Literally who is she???!!!
They don’t need two Batman franchises.
Is there any movie out there that isn't related to an other one, just asking.
For some reason "I don't think anybody wants that" took me OUT lmao
Same. That's some brutal honesty I can appreciate.
same lmao
he really is one of the most charismatic and likeable dudes in Hollywood.
His interviews are always hilarious.
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