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Riverdale Cast Relationship Update Post

Compared to the madness that is Riverdale the bts is really not that interesting, but there have been some recent changes in the cast's relationship statuses:


On and off screen couple Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse are still going strong after a fake breakup earlier this year


Casey Cott and his unnamed new girlfriend are instagram official


Vanessa Morgan and White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech are getting married in 5 weeks


Camila Mendes and Charles Melton have not liked each others instagram pictures in weeks, but she got a new cute puppy!


as does Madelaine Petsch, who seems to still be with Travis Mills going by his instagram


KJ Apa spend the thanksgiving weekend in Paris with his new model girlfriend Clara Berry, where he also got a new tattoo of a berry:

he also spreak french?

/the more you know

sources: my instagram stalking 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Tags: celebrity pets / animals, marriage, models, new couple alert, ontd original, riverdale (cw), sports / athletes - baseball
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tell me more about these PUPPIES OP!
🤣 I thought Michael was done with social media?

kj's gf is pretty. i'm more interested in madelaine's puppy though, she was adorable in the vlog she posted with the dog
I'm obsessed with Mads' puppy and I'm not even a dog person.
I know it was sooo cute


December 2 2019, 17:37:04 UTC 5 days ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 17:37:40 UTC

Casey Cott and his unnamed new girlfriend

It's pretty obvious that he's straight when you see how he has zero chemistry with his love interests on the show, lmfao.
lmao I never noticed, I really thought he was gay for some reason!
Aside from those tragic kisses, I think he sold Kev’s lust for Joaquin pretty well, but tbf Rob is drop dead gorgeous
same, britney, same
lmao. Yes Brit, sadly.
I truly believe that Cami and Charles broke up. Can't believe Vanessa is gonna be a married woman in 5 weeks. Maybe if she were marrying someone who I actually liked I would be happy for her, but alas I couldn't care less about this wedding. I'm more invested in knowing if Mads is gonna be a bridesmaid or not. Mads and Travis remain my fave couple and I can't wait to see them looking all pretty at V's wedding.
Omg Mads better be a bridesmaid!!!
If she ain't, we're unstanning Vanessa, tbh!
and now we know she is!
i'm really surprised they are not waiting till the show in on hiatus in the summer to get married


5 days ago


5 days ago

Are Charles and Camila not together anymore?! omg
Social media isn't everything in the world, of course, but they haven't interacted on Instagram for weeks and there's just something about Cami's posts/stories that give me the vibe that they broke up.
Yeah I mean they went from being relatively open about their relationship on IG to silence so abruptly
I know he's training for and filming a movie so maybe that's just it but damn if they broke up that's sad. They were cute lol.


5 days ago


5 days ago

i hadn't noticed much of a difference since he was filming a movie, but ever since someone pointed it out to speculate, it's definitely seemed like a possibility. it would've happened sometime in november if they did


5 days ago

casey looks like max la manna
cant believe i was genuinely upset this thrash show wasnt on last week
I was only upset because next episode looks really good.
my nearly 60 year old father who watches with me every week was also upset & complained about not getting to see 'what Archie and the gang are up to' so you are not alone lmao


5 days ago

Oh nooooo if Cami and Charles broke up, I really like them together 😭

I can confirm Mads and Travis are still together, they’re very boring and never have drama lol but couples that don’t ever leave their house tend to be like that.

Very bizarre hearing Kage speak French.
I live for couples who never have drama like Mads and Travis. I like my couples to be healthy and supportive.
They’re practically a 10-year+ married couple at this point lol


5 days ago

I thought Cami and Charles were cute together too damn. Oh well.
Everyone looks miserable lol
why do they even include poor Kevin & Reggie in the promo pics anymore? they barely get lines anymore let alone whole scenes or plots lol
seriously. I miss when they included more of the secondary cast into the storylines. I was really hoping for more serpent back story, but they seemed to all fall off the face of the earth this season (typical).
Jesus Cole is ugly, but I like this pic.
it's hilarious that they're still pretending kevin and reggie are in any way main characters. toni doesn't get storylines either but at least she gets screentime

Re: holy filter


5 days ago

Mmm Reggie. Maybe they can give him more than two lines!!!
i have no idea what they're trying to accomplish with the filters on this promo pics.

the couple promo pics have been cute but the varchie one compared to the bughead and choni ones is so bad
mads got her puppy from the labelle foundation, for rescues, and talked cami into getting a dog, and she got hers from there too
Also, depending on if she got it in Canada or California, there's a new law in California that mall pet shops have to have rescue animals from shelters and not bred dogs. So even if you are in CA and you 'buy' from a mall pet store they are rescues.
Wait, the actor playing Kevin is not gay irl? ugh.
Lol @ Lil hawking American Express on her Insta
why did i think vanessa was with skeet? did they date at any point or smth?

kj is smart, that's a cute tattoo regardless of what happens in the future.
Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but I think she was living at his house with him and his daughter for a little bit for some reason. According to them they were not dating.

Also, I agree, I like the tattoo!
during the hiatus between s2 and s3, she crashed at his house with him and his kids a lot, because she didn't have a place in la at the time


5 days ago

he was also leaving really creepy comments on her posts, so I think they were def banging tbh


5 days ago

is casey's girlfriend actually new? i'm pretty sure he's posted her before, just not frequently
I hope Camila and Charles are still together, they're so cute!

Does it really count as a fake breakup if Lili and Cole actively denied the breakup rumors? I'm really amused that the media got it wrong but they're doubling down on it anyway.

I'm always here for puppies =D
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