Fabrice Fabrice (pikapika217) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Fabrice Fabrice

'Nailed It!' collabs with other netflix entities to celebrate the holiday season

Nailed it recently released it's second season of the holiday themed spin off and to celebrate they collaborated with stars from Sugar Rush & a few netflix movies for some celebrity (used loosely in this case) competitions

Ashley Tisdale & half the cast from 'Let It Snow' under hereCollapse )

Sources: 1, 2, 3

You making anything for the Holidays ONTD or would you rather not think about that just yet?
Tags: ashley tisdale, black celebrities, comedy / comedian, food network / cooking show stars, mad men (amc), netflix
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I love Nicole! I need to watch these. :)
My only decoration is a fake poinsettia plant lol.
I don't watch this show but I'm happy she has a good wig here. I tried to watch the first episode and her bad wig was distracting me.
I was about to riot when the "celebrity" won in the second episode (white guy from Fresh off the Boat) but he gave the other two contestants the winning money so it was fine lol.

anyway love Nailed It!, my happy show!!
lol right i was like "if this mf doesn't give away the money..."

he was the best tho
Nailed It is seriously my favorite show on Netflix.

I'm not making anything, but we're hosting Christmas this year and I absolutely do not want to think about the amount of cleaning we still have to do D: D: D:
I, legitimately, NEVER want this show to end. Never. Let us have 3 small seasons a year until the earth itself dies, it's too pure and perfect to let it die. Hell, it can't cost that much, it's not like we're paying competent chefs and the prize money isn't that big. What, maybe 500K per season at the most? Never let it end Netflix, NEVER let it end
omg i love nicole's purple makeup/outfit.
I love this show.

I made Gingerbread men for the first time last week. They were perfect. Next I have to actually learn to decorate them. :/ I didn't bother with the first batch because those were quite frankly for me and I don't fucking like icing and sugar decorations on cookies.
this shit still makes me laugh. even all the international spinoffs.
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