Fabrice Fabrice (pikapika217) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Fabrice Fabrice

'Nailed It!' collabs with other netflix entities to celebrate the holiday season

Nailed it recently released it's second season of the holiday themed spin off and to celebrate they collaborated with stars from Sugar Rush & a few netflix movies for some celebrity (used loosely in this case) competitions

Sources: 1, 2, 3

You making anything for the Holidays ONTD or would you rather not think about that just yet?
Tags: ashley tisdale, black celebrities, comedy / comedian, food network / cooking show stars, mad men (amc), netflix
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Nicole looks gorgeous on this show! Love the makeup and styling.
Srsly, her/the show's stylists always pick such nice outfits for her. I was watching the other night and she was in a stunning emerald green sequin number.
yes! that's the look that made me say out loud, "oh my god, that dress is amazing on her!"
it's her lbfr


6 months ago


this purple look is a top favorite of mine for her especially.
Agreed, she always looks fabulous and I love it.
her holiday lewks were so good
nicole byer is a joy to watch tbh
I liked the one where Nicole and the sugar rush boys had to bake
Okay, whoever that guy with Ashley Tisdale is, I don#t want to watch anything with him ever again. Don't celebs do these things for promotion, to get people to like them and watch/buy their stuff? Why would he act like the embodiment of angry man you should stay far away from? And if it isn' an act, then how did his team allow him to do this.
I just put up my tree, lights and garland tinsel thing. no ornaments yet.

Tho I did finish decorating my table top mini tree.
I suggested this ages ago before my fave shows were canceled


December 2 2019, 18:00:39 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 18:02:16 UTC

i love that this show really launched nicole byer.
she deserves it and more
I bought these chipboard reindeer. I havent decided if I'll just leave them as is or turn them into ornaments

also if I should leave it wood or make them glitter

Glitter two.
i will probably be the one making the bulk of the holiday cookies this season. my grandma injured her arm a month ago - she's fine now, but i don't want her to do it all by herself, even though she claims she's fine and so on. typical.

i might look up some ~healthier~ recipes since a lot of family members watch what they eat nowadays and there's a lot of 'i feel so guilty for eating sugar' comments flying around (and also because i dislike most of the standard cookies we make lol).
Those look yummy, especially the cake!
tres leches isolatie good, I really hope it works.


6 months ago

My son is 6 and is OBSESSED with Nailed It and calls Nicole his "funny girl" and asks for the "funny girl baking show" and it is so adorable to watch (as long as I don't have to sit through it for the 30th time with him). I started listening to "Why won't you date me" and I laugh so damn hard. She is a treasure.


December 2 2019, 19:05:16 UTC 6 months ago Edited:  December 2 2019, 19:05:46 UTC

Nicole's glow up from season 1 has been incredible. I remember those janky BSS wigs she used to wear.
Are these episodes not actually on Netflix?
I believe they are just for YouTube
ksjdsjd i love the nailed it/sugar rush crossover
i wanna see more celebs on full eps tho the one with paul scheer was so funny, i hope they have a special ep w only celebs
Damn, Nicole is competitive and Zumbo is still a total snooze.
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